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Dave Lombardo

5/18/2023 Dave Lombardo shows what's in his bag at Ameoba Records
4/17/2023 Testament continue with Dave Lombardo replacement Chris Dovas of Seven Spires
4/13/2023 Dave Lombardo to sit out Testament 2023 tours; focus on Mr. Bungle, Empire State Bastard, and more
3/24/2023 Empire State Bastard share debut track
1/23/2023 Venamoris (Ft Dave Lombardo and Wife) share second single
1/4/2023 Slayer's Dave Lombardo and wife team up in Venamoris, sign to Three One G
8/24/2022 Dead Cross premiere second single off upcoming album
7/19/2022 Dead Cross announce new album, premiere single
3/1/2022 Testament reveal Dave Lombardo (Slayer, Fantomas, Misfits) as new drummer
3/23/2020 Mr. Bungle re-recording debut release
11/24/2019 Dave Lombardo will not attend final Slayer show
11/5/2019 Dave Lombardo makes film score debut
6/30/2018 Dave Lombardo performs 'Postmortem' with Body Count
3/15/2017 Dead Cross (Faith No More, ex-Slayer) completes debut album
12/12/2016 Mike Patton joins Dead Cross (ex-Slayer, The Locust)
9/5/2016 Video: Misfits reunite for first time in 33 years
8/29/2016 Misfits recruit drummer Dave Lombardo for reunion shows
7/15/2016 Suicidal Tendencies set to release new LP, preview online
5/16/2016 Dave Lombardo to drum on new Suicidal Tendencies album
2/20/2016 Dave Lombardo to play drums for Suicidal Tendencies on tour
1/12/2016 Dave Lombardo puts an end to PHILM
11/20/2015 Ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo in new punk band Dead Cross
8/27/2014 Dave Lombardo: I won't ever go back to Slayer
7/31/2014 PHILM (ex-Slayer) announce new album, record label
6/11/2014 ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo joins Amen
5/30/2013 Slayer rejoined by ex-drummer Paul Bostaph
3/1/2013 Slayer's Kerry King comments on Dave Lombardo
2/21/2013 Slayer (temporarily) fires drummer Dave Lombardo
7/17/2012 Metal Masters 4 clinic announced
12/23/2001 Lombardo rejoining Slayer temporarily for tour

News Tidbits
2/6/2020 video: Mr. Bungle play first show in 20 years
3/18/2016 The first official recording from Dead Cross (ex-Slayer, Retox, etc.) is now online.
12/28/2015 Here's a preview of new music from Dead Cross, featuring Dave Lombardo.
9/18/2014 Ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo says that Slayer's manager will probably keep the band going with other musicians once its current members are done.
3/12/2014 Dave Lombardo only made $67,000 touring with Slayer in 2011; less than $1,000 per show.
2/14/2014 Ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo rips his former bandmates.
10/31/2013 Slayer frontman Tom Araya explains why drummer Dave Lombardo was kicked out.
5/31/2013 Dave Lombardo learned that he was out of Slayer from the Internet.
2/22/2013 In case you missed it last night, Slayer has issued a statement regarding the Dave Lombardo "situation."
9/8/2012 Check out video from Metal Masters 4, where people like Phil Anselmo, Kerry King, and Scott Ian played a set including classics from Pantera and Slayer.

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