Dark Tranquillity news


10/16/2020Dark Tranquillity debut new track
10/21/2016Dark Tranquillity has shared a new song and music video.
10/7/2016Dark Tranquillity has debuted the title track of their upcoming album.
9/26/2016Dark Tranquillity has released a video for new song "The Pitiless."
9/23/2016Dark Tranquillity has unveiled the first new song from their upcoming album.
6/17/2015Dark Tranquillity's new video for "The Science Of Noise" has made its online debut.
5/23/2013Dark Tranquillity has premiered yet another track from their upcoming album.
5/9/2013Dark Tranquillity has debuted their music video for "Uniformity."
4/15/2013A new Dark Tranquillity song has made its online debut.
3/27/2013A trailer for Dark Tranquillity's forthcoming album is now online.
2/22/2012Dark Tranquillity has uploaded their new video for "In My Absence."
7/20/2011Dark Tranquillity's new video for "Iridium" can be seen here
1/21/2010Dark Tranquillity has uploaded some new material.
12/18/2009A track from Dark Tranquillity's forthcoming album can be heard here.
2/1/2007Century Media has posted a new Dark Tranquillity track.
1/8/2005A track from Dark Tranquillity's upcoming album has been posted online here.


9/23/2020Dark Tranquillity, Obscura, Nailed To Obscurity tour
9/11/2020Dark Tranquillity announce new album, debut video
3/30/2020Dark Tranquillity recording new album, add two new members
3/22/2020Dark Tranquillity guitarist and co-founder quits band
3/11/2020Dark Tranquillity working on new album
2/13/2018Amorphis, Dark Tranquillity, Moonspell tour
1/25/2018Dark Tranquillity to tour Europe with Equilibrium
4/19/2017Dark Tranquillity, Warbringer, Striker tour
11/23/2016Amon Amarth, Dark Tranquillity to tour Europe
9/27/2016Dark Tranquillity announces new bassist
9/20/2016Dark Tranquillity detail new album
7/12/2016Dark Tranquillity announces new album
3/31/2016Dark Tranquillity guitarist quits band
3/21/2016Dark Tranquillity, Swallow The Sun to tour North America
6/15/2014Dark Tranquillity announces European tour
6/6/2014Dark Tranquillity, Insomnium North America tour
3/18/2014Akani (At The Gates, Merauder) announce debut
1/15/2014Dark Tranquillity to release limited edition EP
8/21/2013Dark Tranquillity, Omnium Gatherum, Exmortus tour
2/18/2013Dark Tranquillity bassist leaves band
1/10/2013Dark Tranquillity to release new album in May
11/15/2012Dark Tranquillity cancels tour of Europe
10/18/2012Dark Tranquillity prepares new album, announces EP
8/13/2012Dark Tranquillity, Warbringer, etc. tour (Europe)
4/27/2012Dark Tranquillity re-signs with Century Media
4/6/2011Dark Tranquillity, Eluveitie, etc. tour (Europe)
6/23/2010Insomnium, Dark Tranquillity tour (Europe)
4/7/2010Dark Tranquillity, Mutiny Within, etc. tour
4/9/2008Dark Tranquillity, Divine Heresy dates
2/25/2008Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquillity, etc. tour
2/12/2007Metal For The Masses tour finalized
1/23/2007The Haunted, Into Eternity, etc. tour
11/27/2006Dark Tranquillity completes new album
4/26/2006Laethora sign w/ The End Records
10/12/2004Century Media re-signs Dark Tranquillity