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Dan Swano

3/22/2022 Jungle Rot debut first single from new album, sign with Unique Leader Records
9/20/2021 Aephanemer detail new album 'A Dream Of Wilderness'
12/2/2020 Jungle Rot finish recording new album
6/22/2020 Skeletal Remains to release new album in September
3/3/2020 Skeletal Remains announce departure of three members
2/20/2020 Naglfar re-sign with Century Media, set to release new LP
10/24/2019 Lifeforce Records signs On Thorns I Lay
11/16/2018 Malevolent Creation announces new album
6/28/2018 Belzebubs sign with Century Media, debut new song
5/24/2018 Cast The Stone (Misery Index, Scour) announces new EP
3/1/2018 Omnium Gatherum recording new album
2/27/2018 Season Of Mist signs Carnation
2/2/2018 Misery Index premiere song, announce new 7-inch
12/19/2017 Jungle Rot set to record new album
9/13/2017 Century Media Records signs Skeletal Remains
5/2/2017 Entrails detail new album, premiere song
2/10/2017 God Dethroned to release new album in May
10/12/2016 Lifeforce Records signs Glare Of The Sun
10/9/2016 Novembers Doom set to record new album
9/22/2016 Cut Up begins recording new album
9/5/2016 Deserted Fear recording new album
6/13/2016 Century Media Records signs Motorowl
5/19/2016 Insomnium announces new album, book
2/11/2016 Incantation re-sign with Relapse, prepare new album
3/24/2015 Entrails announce new album, premiere song
5/1/2014 Novembers Doom announces new album
12/8/2013 Dawn to release entire catalog via Century Media
7/16/2013 Hail of Bullets finishes recording new album
4/17/2013 Century Media Records signs Dan Swanö
2/11/2013 Entrails complete new album
1/30/2013 Memory Garden album set for release
11/19/2012 Metal Blade Records re-signs Memory Garden
9/27/2012 Omnium Gatherum announces new bassist
9/14/2012 Grand Supreme Blood Court debut set for release
8/3/2012 Century Media Records signs deal with Gorement
6/19/2012 Dew-Scented reveals guest vocalists on new album
6/13/2012 Incantation signs with Listenable Records
2/13/2012 Oddland completes Century Media debut
4/6/2011 Book Of Black Earth album set for release
2/9/2011 Coldworker recording new album
8/4/2010 Hail Of Bullets completes new album
1/11/2008 Coldworker records new album

News Tidbits
5/28/2013 Witherscape, featuring Dan Swanö, has uploaded a new song.

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