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9/17/2016 SECT (Cursed, Earth Crisis, Fall Out Boy) mini-tour
6/28/2016 Earth Crisis, Cursed, Fall Out Boy members launch new band
11/29/2011 Southern Lord Recs signs Burning Love
5/28/2008 Donations being collected for Cursed
5/22/2008 Cursed calls it quits
2/7/2008 Cursed tour dates (Canada)
12/1/2007 Cursed frontman starts new band
11/19/2007 Cursed tour (Europe)
8/15/2007 Cursed frontman launches record label
7/19/2007 Cursed issues album update
7/3/2006 Cursed finishes new EP, cancels tour
5/7/2006 Cursed tour dates (Europe)
4/13/2006 Cursed prepare to record new EP
12/25/2005 Cursed tour dates (Canada)
4/11/2005 Cursed and Mare dates (Canada)
2/21/2005 Cursed tour schedule
8/17/2004 Cursed set to record album, tour
7/4/2004 Cursed, LGS, Coliseum, etc. mini-tour (Canada)
5/24/2004 Cursed signs w/ Goodfellow Records
3/25/2004 Cursed, The End, TAHC mini-tour (Canada)
1/13/2004 Cursed and Breather Resist tour
7/28/2002 Deathwish Inc. announces new projects

News Tidbits
1/29/2020 yo, check out our newest podcast episode featuring Chris Colohan (SECT, Cursed)
8/1/2016 The new SECT (Earth Crisis, Fall Out Boy, etc.) album can currently be streamed in its entirety.
7/8/2016 A new SECT (Earth Crisis, Fall Out Boy, Cursed) track is now online.
12/18/2007 Goodfellow Records has uploaded new tracks from both Cursed and The Secret.
11/20/2007 A track from Cursed's upcoming full-length is available.
11/8/2006 A track from Cursed's new EP is now available online.
3/27/2006 Cursed will be touring Europe August 2nd-13th. Dates are currently being booked.
2/24/2005 The new Cursed video for "Fatalist" is available here.
9/15/2004 Cursed will be touring Europe in February and March.

2/25/2007 Cursed interview

1/20/2020 Chris Colohan of Cursed & Sect

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