Coliseum news


4/29/2015A full stream of the new Coliseum album is now online.
12/11/2014Coliseum is streaming their new 'Black Magic Punks' EP.
12/8/2013Yautja has premiered a song from their debut album.
7/18/2013Coliseum's new video for "Doing Time" is available online.
4/17/2013Coliseum has premiered yet another music video.
2/5/2013Coliseum's new video for "Black Magic Punks" has made its online debut.
6/18/2010Coliseum's new video for "Blind In One Eye" is available online.
2/26/2009Coliseum has replaced Abigail Williams on the upcoming Napalm Death U.S. tour.
2/2/2009An audio preview of Coliseum's forthcoming EP can now be found online.
8/7/2007An ecard for Coliseum's new album is available.
6/14/2007Coliseum has posted two tracks from their forthcoming Relapse debut.


4/20/2017ex-Coliseum frontman resurfaces with Fotocrime
4/14/2015Coliseum announces headlining tour
2/24/2015Coliseum announce new album, tour; premiere song
1/16/2015Old Man Gloom, Coliseum tour dates
12/29/2014Berserker Fest 2015 takes shape
9/30/2014Coliseum recording new album
9/30/2014Coliseum's van stolen and crashed outside studio
8/25/2014Doomriders, Coliseum tour dates (Europe)
6/6/2014Coliseum announces 10th anniversary shows
5/13/2014Deathwish Fest: new venue, new bands announced
5/12/2014Deathwish Inc. signs Coliseum
9/28/2013Coliseum announces West Coast tour
5/29/2013Coliseum, Birds In Row tour dates (Europe)
4/1/2013Baroness announces U.S. tour dates
1/16/2013Coliseum to release new album in April
10/11/2012Coliseum recording new album
5/25/2012Deathwish Inc. announces Whips/Chains EP
2/20/2012Bro Fest 2012 (TX) lineup
9/29/2011Coliseum announces new EP
6/11/2011Coliseum tour dates
5/12/2011Coliseum, Burning Love split set for release
3/25/2011Coliseum tour announced
12/15/2010Rise Against, Coliseum tour dates (Europe)
8/11/2010Coliseum, Bison BC, Kvelertak tour (Europe)
8/7/2010Coliseum, Burning Love tour
3/1/2010Coliseum signs with Temporary Residence
10/9/2009Coliseum news and notes
5/17/2009Russian Circles, Coliseum tour dates
1/31/2009Coliseum announces EP, tour dates
10/15/2008Torche, Coliseum tour (Japan)
9/17/2008Baroness, Coliseum, Minsk tour dates
3/11/2008Coliseum, Victims, Trash Talk tour dates
3/3/2008Coliseum tour schedule
11/1/2007Coliseum tour (Europe)
6/14/2007High On Fire, Coliseum, Panthers tour
5/14/2007Coliseum finishing up new album
4/10/2007Coliseum set to enter studio
4/10/2007Coliseum, Engineer tour dates
12/18/2006Coliseum signs w/ Relapse Records
12/16/2006Coliseum prepares new album
10/6/2006The Fest (FL) lineup and schedule
10/3/2006Coliseum tour dates
10/2/2006Relapse to release Coliseum, Young Widows split
7/3/2006Coliseum and Young Widows tour
6/2/2006Doomriders, Coliseum, Saviours, etc. dates
1/16/2006Lords and Coliseum tour (Europe)
9/5/2005Coliseum, Kylesa, and Torche
6/1/2005Buried Inside and Coliseum dates
5/30/2005Coliseum and Municipal Waste dates
3/29/2005Coliseum tour schedule
1/25/2005Breather Resist, Coliseum, Lords dates
3/10/2004Coliseum (Black Cross) joins Level Plane roster