Coalesce news


12/17/2018It came out nearly 20 years ago so perhaps you've forgotten, but this was a crucial album.
6/6/2018Tetelestai has issued a new video and song featuring Sean Ingram of Coalesce.
8/11/2016Norma Jean has unveiled a new track featuring Coalesce vocalist Sean Ingram.
2/5/2012Both Coalesce and The Casket Lottery will appear at Middle of the Map Fest 2012.
1/13/2011Coalesce has issued a brief update.
10/16/2009A track from the new Coalesce EP, "OX EP," can be heard here.
4/5/2009Coalesce has uploaded two tracks from their upcoming album.
12/2/2008Coalesce has finished recording their new album and mixing is now underway.
8/13/2007Coalesce has posted another new song.
8/1/2007Coalesce has posted a track from their new 7" titled "Son of Son of Man."
6/14/2007Coalesce is rumored to be booking some August tour dates with Daughters and See You Next Tuesday.
4/20/2007Sean Ingram, of Coalesce noteriety, recently appeared on People's Court in a suit involving a merch order from The Esoteric and their manager, Dean Edington. You can see video of the episode


9/14/2011Coalesce to re-issue debut album
6/19/2010Coalesce taking "a break"
2/5/2010Converge tour announced
1/15/2010Coalesce, Harvey Milk tour dates
11/3/2009Coalesce: stream their new EP
9/11/2009Coalesce announces EP, shows
6/2/2009Coalesce: stream their new album
3/13/2009Coalesce completes new album
2/23/2009Coalesce tour (Europe)
8/1/2008Coalesce recording new album
11/9/2007Coalesce writing new album
7/29/2007Coalesce DVD update
7/2/2007Coalesce reissue, 7" set for release
6/19/2007Coalesce confirms tour, new release
1/4/2007Coalesce recording for final release
9/29/2006Coalesce guitarist forms new project
8/20/2005Coalesce to reunite with new name?
7/12/2005Coalesce to reunite for two shows
8/4/2004Sean Ingram (ex-Coalesce) update
5/2/2004Coalesce reissue to hit stores in June
12/13/2002Coalesce disbands for good
1/13/2002Coalesce reunion tour dates announced
12/4/2000S. Ingram (ex-Coalesce) project
11/20/2000Coalesce news and notes
10/17/2000Coalesce coming back to life?