Ceremony news


8/6/2019Ceremony debut new song
7/17/2019Ceremony unveil new song and video
4/26/2010Bridge Nine has posted a track from Ceremony's upcoming full-length.
7/8/2008Ceremony has debuted a track from their forthcoming release.
4/28/2008Ceremony's new album, "Still Nothing Moves You," is currently being mixed and will be out on August 5th through Bridge Nine Records.
6/27/2007Ceremony has posted a track from their upcoming EP, "Scared People."


4/29/2020Spice (Ceremony, Sabertooth Zombie) announce debut album
12/3/2019American Nightmare release EP, premiere new track
6/26/2019Ceremony sign with Relapse Records, debut new track
2/23/2018Rotting Out to play Sound And Fury Fest 2018
11/28/2017Home Sick Festival 2018 lineup announced
10/3/2017Ceremony, Nothing tour dates
5/23/2016Touche Amore, Ceremony tour dates
3/22/2016Wrecking Ball 2016 lineup to include Quicksand, Thursday
6/6/2015Ceremony tour dates (Europe)
4/22/2015Ceremony announces U.S. tour
3/26/2015Ceremony announce new album; premiere songs
5/17/2014Ceremony announces U.S. tour
3/11/2014Robotic Empire announces Nirvana covers album
7/10/2013Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013 lineup announced
6/27/2013Ceremony, Ed Schrader's Music Beat tour dates
6/1/2013Ceremony tour dates
10/2/2012Ceremony announces tour, debuts new song
6/26/2012Ceremony announces September tour
6/18/2012FYF Fest 2012 lineup announced
1/23/2012Ceremony mini-tour
1/6/2012Ceremony album set for release
7/18/2011Deathwish Inc. to release Living Eyes EP
6/30/2011Ceremony to release EP, signs with Matador
4/18/2011Ceremony tour (Europe)
9/19/2010Ceremony, Sabertooth Zombie tour (Europe)
4/25/2010Ceremony, Skin Like Iron mini-tour
3/18/2010Bane, Ceremony, Cruel Hand tour (Japan)
3/9/2010Ceremony to release new album in June
11/25/2009Ceremony to record new album in January
11/24/2009AFI, Ceremony tour dates
11/22/2009Ceremony writing new album
6/3/2009Paint It Black, Ceremony tour (UK)
1/23/2009Converge tour dates
1/7/2009Ceremony, Cruel Hand tour dates
9/5/2008Ceremony, Never Healed tour (Europe)
9/2/2008Shipwreck AD, Carpathian, and Ceremony tour (AU)
3/3/2008Ceremony, Life Long Tragedy tour
3/25/2007Ceremony signs w/ Bridge Nine Records