Blacklisted news


1/20/2015A new Blacklisted song and video is now online.
1/13/2015Another new Blacklisted track is available online.
12/16/2014Blacklisted has unveiled the first new track from their forthcoming album.
9/23/2012A new Blacklisted song can be heard online.
5/21/2008Blacklisted's video for "I Am Weighing Me Down" is now online.
3/16/2008Blacklisted's new album can temporarily be streamed in its entirety.
1/25/2008A track from Blacklisted's upcoming album can be heard here.
3/5/2007A track from Blacklisted's "Peace On Earth War On Stage" release is now online.
12/31/2006Blacklisted has finished recording their new EP, "Peace On Earth, War On Stage."
5/27/2006Blacklisted and Rise And Fall will tour Europe together in October.
12/28/2005Blacklisted and The Warriors will be touring the U.S. for six weeks beginning in mid-February. Additionally, The Warriors will reportedly be touring with the Deftones this summer.
10/14/2005A track from Blacklisted's upcoming album, "...The Beat Goes On," is now online.
7/12/2005Blacklisted are currently booking a European tour for November and December.
9/23/2004The Blacklisted and First Blood split 7" will finally be out this winter.


3/11/2020Blacklisted re-release two early tracks via new EP
4/4/2018Blacklisted release new EP, stream available
12/5/2017Blacklisted announces European tour
8/4/2017Blacklisted releases new EP; stream available
3/19/2016Blacklisted tour dates (Europe)
1/16/2016Rain Fest ending, final lineup announced
3/23/2015Miles Away, Blacklisted tour (Australia)
12/2/2014Blacklisted announces new album
7/27/2014Blacklisted finishes recording new album
5/13/2014Deathwish Fest: new venue, new bands announced
2/13/2014Blacklisted tour dates (Europe)
2/13/2014Blacklisted to release new album this year
10/29/2013Blacklisted writing new album
10/11/2013FYA Fest lineup announced
6/5/2013Destroy L.A. Hardcore Fest lineup announced
5/22/2013Deathwish to release Harm Wülf (Blacklisted) debut
5/20/2013This Is Hardcore Fest 2013 lineup finalized
8/11/2012Blacklisted tour dates
7/12/2012Blacklisted tour (Japan)
6/25/2012Blacklisted, Defeater tour (Australia)
4/5/2012Sound and Fury Fest 2012 lineup takes shape
8/7/2010Blacklisted tour (Europe)
1/5/2010Blacklisted announces U.S. tour
8/26/2009Bane, Foundation tour
8/12/2008Blacklisted tour (Japan)
8/9/2008Blacklisted tour (Europe)
8/5/2008Have Heart, Blacklisted, Ceremony tour
6/17/2008Blacklisted banned from Canada
5/29/2008Blacklisted tour (New Zealand)
5/18/2008Blacklisted, This Is Hell tour dates
1/25/2008Blacklisted tour dates
11/6/2007Blacklisted records new album
10/9/2007Blacklisted prepares to enter studio
10/3/2007Blacklisted, Shipwreck, Soul Control tour (Europe)
7/30/2007Blacklisted, Justice tour (Europe)
5/23/2007Blacklisted, Shipwreck, Ceremony tour
5/15/2007Blacklisted, This Is Hell tour
4/26/2007Blacklisted and Cold World dates
1/30/2007Blacklisted tour dates
11/27/2006Blacklisted, Sinking Ships, Shipwreck tour
10/17/2006Blacklisted prepares to record EP
9/2/2006Blacklisted tour schedule
8/22/2006Blacklisted and Rise And Fall dates (Europe)
8/10/2006Blacklisted officially staying together
7/31/2006Blacklisted not breaking up?
7/9/2006Blacklisted calling it quits
6/2/2006Blacklisted drops off tour, guitarist ill
5/8/2006Blacklisted writing new album, seek guitarist
4/6/2006Ignite, Blacklisted, Set Your Goals tour
3/18/2006Blacklisted, Rise And Fall, Guns Up! dates
1/24/2006Warriors, Blacklisted, Embrace The End tour
10/5/2005Terror, Donnybrook, Blacklisted tour (Europe)
9/30/2005Blacklisted, Mental, Iron Age tour
7/31/2005Posi Numbers gets shut down
7/8/2005Blacklisted, Cast Aside, etc. tour
4/13/2005Blacklisted, Death Before Dishonor tour
1/30/2005Blacklisted join Deathwish Inc. roster
7/8/2004First Blood set to record for split
6/14/2004Blacklisted and Punishment tour
1/6/2004First Blood and Blacklisted split
12/23/2003Blacklisted signs w/ Stillborn Records