Bane news


6/18/2019this is one of my favorite hardcore albums, and the band behind it played their final show 3 years ago today
9/10/2018This is one of my favorite hardcore records of the past 20 years.
10/21/2015Here is video of Bane's entire set from This Is Hardcore 2015.
5/8/2014Bane's final album can now be streamed in its entirety.
5/6/2014Bane has premiered a music video for a track from their upcoming LP.
4/28/2014The first new song from Bane's final album can now be streamed online.
5/13/2013I See Stars has released their version of the Bane song, "Can We Start Again."
10/25/2012New songs from Bane, Shipwreck AD, and Ringworm can be streamed now.
12/8/2009Another new Bane song is available online.
7/18/2009Bane has posted a new song. The track will appear on an upcoming 7"/EP.
7/5/2009Bane recently recorded six new songs which will "come out soon."
12/17/2008Bane and To Kill will be touring Eastern Europe in early-April. Dates pending.
4/13/2007Tracks from Bane and Bleeding Through for the upcoming Sick Of It All tribute are now online.
6/1/2005Bane and Comeback Kid will be touring Europe together from October 31st until November 22nd.
4/27/2005Another new Bane song has been posted online here.
3/22/2005Bane have posted a track from their upcoming EVR release here.
1/4/2005Bane, Comeback Kid, and With Honor will be touring the U.S. in March and April. Stay tuned for dates.


8/26/2020Bane documentary set for October release, trailer online
1/10/2020ex-Bane, Reach The Sky bassist Brendan Maguire battling cancer
8/22/2019Bane, Darkest Hour, Battery members launch new band Be Well
4/11/2018Bane vocalist Aaron Bedard in new band, demo streaming
9/30/2016Rotting Out singer reportedly faces deportation upon release
3/23/2016Bane's final show to feature Terror, The Promise, more
3/14/2016Bane documentary in the works, crowdfunding underway
1/22/2016Bane announces final tour dates, support acts
1/21/2016Bane reveals dates for final North American tour
12/18/2015Bane to disband after final North American tour
8/6/2015Bane announces 'final' European tour
8/4/2015Malfunction added to The Life & Death Tour
7/13/2015Terror frontman still healing; band cancels tour
6/9/2015Terror, Bane, Turnstile, Backtrack tour
4/6/2015Terror, Bane, Turnstile, Backtrack tour rumored
3/30/2015This is Hardcore 2015 lineup announced
3/3/2015Bane cancels China tour dates
2/9/2015Defeater, Bane tour (Australia)
1/22/2015Bane, Backtrack, Malfunction announce U.S. tour
1/12/2015Bane announces final Asian tour
12/16/2014Comeback Kid, Bane, My Iron Lung tour (Europe)
12/10/2014Bane tour dates
11/23/2014Faith & Fire Festival lineup announced
10/8/2014Bane tour dates (Canada)
10/1/2014America's Hardcore Fest 2014 lineup announced
5/28/2014Bane: "This is not our final U.S. tour"
4/26/2014Bane announces European tour
4/15/2014Bane, Code Orange Kids, Give tour dates
4/4/2014Bane, Turnstile, Take Offense tour dates
3/28/2014Bane to release final album in May; trailer online
3/1/2014Bled Fest 2014 lineup announced
2/7/2014United Blood Fest 2014 lineup
12/20/2013Bane begins recording final album
5/3/2013This Is Hardcore Fest reveals more bands, schedule
4/9/2013Sound and Fury Fest 2013 lineup takes shape
2/20/2013Black N' Blue Bowl 2013 lineup to include Judge
1/20/2013Bane, Cruel Hand tour dates
12/21/2012Tough Love Fest II lineup announced
8/3/2012Bane, Code Orange Kids tour dates (Canada)
4/5/2012Sound and Fury Fest 2012 lineup takes shape
4/5/2012Terror, Bane, Naysayer, Rotting Out tour
12/17/2011Bane, Cruel Hand, Rotting Out tour (Europe)
8/19/2011Bane, Defeater, Miles Away tour
5/3/2011Unearth, Evergreen Terrace, Bane tour (Europe)
6/11/2010Bane, Trapped Under Ice, Cruel Hand tour
4/5/2010Strike Anywhere, Bane, Touche Amore dates
4/2/2010Bane, Alpha & Omega mini-tour
3/18/2010Bane, Ceremony, Cruel Hand tour (Japan)
11/2/2009Bane set to release new EP
8/26/2009Bane, Foundation tour
7/20/2009Bane, Down To Nothing tour dates (Europe)
5/18/200910 for $10 hardcore summer tour
2/17/2009Bane, Cruel Hand, End Of A Year mini-tour
11/26/2008Comeback Kid, Bane, Misery Signals tour (Europe)
9/14/2008H20, Bane, Energy, Cruel Hand tour
8/13/2008Comeback Kid, Bane, Shai Hulud tour (Canada)
6/4/2008Bane tour (Europe)
5/26/2008Bane tour (South America)
4/15/2008Bane, Meltdown, I Rise, Wake Up Call tour
12/13/2007Bane tour schedule
6/27/2007Bane, Have Heart, Ceremony tour (Europe)
1/30/2007Bane tour schedule (Australia)
1/14/2007Bane, Ambitions, The Geeks dates
11/19/2006Bane 10th anniversary show
8/23/2006This Is Hell, Bane, Strike Anywhere tour
3/30/2006Bane, Modern Life Is War, etc. tour
3/28/2006Bane tour schedule (Europe)
1/2/2006Bane, Silent Drive, etc. tour (Japan)
9/4/2005Bane, Comeback Kid, Strung Out tour
8/16/2005Bane and Comeback Kid tour (Europe)
4/23/2005Bane, Evergreen Terrace, Cursed, Verse tour
3/24/2005Bane album details
1/31/2005Bane complete new album
1/16/2005Bane, Comeback Kid, With Honor, etc. tour
12/28/2004Bane set to enter studio
10/31/2004Bane working on new record
7/19/2004Bane tour schedule
5/8/2004Bane to release new album this fall
5/5/2004Only Crime signs w/ Fat Wreck Chords
2/24/2004Bane tour schedule
2/10/2004Bane, Modern Life Is War, etc. mini-tour
12/22/2003Silent Drive joins Equal Vision roster
10/11/2003Only Crime (Bane, etc.) records demo
7/21/2003Bane, The Promise, etc. tour dates
6/16/2003Bane finds fill-in drummer
3/31/2003Aaron Dalbec (Bane) joins Velocity Engine
1/29/2003Silent Drive (Bane, Dasai) records demo
1/22/2003Life Recording Co. signs Velocity Engine
1/12/2003Bane lines up West Coast tour
9/26/2002Ink Cartridge Funeral, Barrit, Silent Drive
9/20/2002Bane firms up European tour schedule
6/12/2002Bane's upcoming tour dates
3/18/2002Bane drops off Hatebreed tour, perhaps more
3/12/2002Codeseven added to seven dates on PTW tour
2/27/2002Poison The Well headlining tour schedule
2/14/2002PTW to tour w/ American Nightmare, others
1/30/2002Latest dates for Hatebreed, Bane, & PTW tour
1/15/2002Dates for Hatebreed, Poison The Well, Bane tour
1/8/2002Bane's West Coast tour dates revealed
9/20/2001Bane & Reach The Sky tour dates
8/30/2001Bane finishes recording new album
8/8/2001Bane making progress at Salad Days
6/27/2001Bane album and touring update
5/31/2001Bane to release new album this fall
3/7/2001Bane update and tour schedule
2/13/2001Bane upcoming show schedule
1/19/2001Reach The Sky and Bane tour dates
1/10/2001Bane and Adamantium split 7"
1/6/2001Movielife to tour with Bane, etc.