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1/27/2024 Blood Incantation's Paul Riedl marries in ceremony officiated by Autopsy's Chris Reifert
10/30/2023 Autopsy share new music video for "Rabid Funeral" from the band's recent new album
9/27/2023 Autopsy share the first single, "Throatsaw", from newly announced forthcoming album
8/31/2023 Autopsy announce new album, share album trailer
6/29/2023 Mass Destruction Metal Fest 2023 announced ft Autopsy, Pig Destroyer, Incantation, and more
3/31/2023 Autopsy recording new material for forthcoming album
9/20/2022 Autopsy reveal new music video for "Knife Slice Axe Chop"
11/18/2021 Oblivion Access 2022 lineup to include Carcass, Converge, Youth Of Today, Cave In
7/30/2021 Autopsy add Greg Wilkinson on bass
7/18/2021 Autopsy bassist Joe Trevisano quits band
6/7/2021 California Deathfest 2022 lineup finalized
6/7/2018 Metal Blade signs Siege Of Power (Autopsy, Asphyx)
6/30/2016 Maryland Deathfest 2017 lineup takes shape
5/20/2015 Housecore Horror Festival 2015 lineup takes shape
9/13/2014 Bloodbath set to release new album
2/21/2014 Autopsy to release new album in April
3/28/2013 Autopsy set to record new album
10/23/2012 Autopsy prepares new album
8/1/2012 Slaughter By The Water full lineup announced
3/28/2012 Autopsy to release documentary DVD 'Born Undead'
11/18/2011 Autopsy completes work on new release
10/4/2011 Autopsy recording songs for upcoming collection
9/10/2011 Autopsy set to record new songs
2/7/2011 Autopsy recording new album
1/20/2011 Chaos In Tejas (TX) takes shape
7/31/2010 Autopsy completes new EP
6/2/2010 Abscess breaks up, Autopsy returns

News Tidbits
4/22/2021 this pioneering death metal band released their second album 30 years ago today
11/2/2015 Autopsy is streaming a song from their forthcoming LP.
6/7/2012 Autopsy has launched a trailer for their upcoming DVD release.
9/14/2010 Audio clips from the new Autopsy EP have been made available online.
7/17/2009 Autopsy will be playing next year's Maryland Deathfest.

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