Artery Recordings news


7/14/2019Capture (ex-Capture The Crown) debut first single from new LP
11/17/2017Slaves dropped by Artery Recordings
8/29/2017Artery Recordings acquired by Warner Bros.
5/29/2017Cold Black sign with Artery Recordings, premiere song
11/2/2016Crystal Lake to release new album in December
10/18/2016Artery Recordings signs Dreamshade
7/30/2016Artery Recordings signs Altered Perceptions
7/4/2016Heartaches sign with Artery Recordings, premiere new song
6/24/2016On Broken Wings premiere new song, sign with Artery Recs
5/27/2016Set On End sign with Artery Recordings, premiere new song
5/17/2016Artery Recordings signs Falsifier
2/19/2016Entheos to release debut album in April
1/30/2016Artery Recordings signs She Must Burn
1/4/2016Artery Recordings signs Wildaways
11/11/2015Artery Recordings signs Message To The Masses
10/3/2015Kublai Khan announce new album, premiere song
9/14/2015Artery Recordings signs Spoken
9/8/2015Artery Recordings signs Crystal Lake
7/7/2015Entheos (ex-The Faceless, AAL) sign with Artery
5/31/2015Female metal band Conquer Divide announce debut
5/21/2015Attila singer announces rap album; song premiered
2/17/2015Phinehas signs with Artery Recordings
2/16/2015Will Haven announces EP, record label
12/3/2014Iwrestledabearonce sign with Artery; new LP coming
11/12/2014Artery Recordings signs metal comedian Stevie T
10/28/2014Artery Recordings signs Conquer Divide
10/6/2014Attila announces new album
10/1/2014Hoods sign with Artery Recordings
8/14/2014Artery Recordings signs For The Win
7/22/2014Climates to release debut album in October
7/16/2014Attila frontman launches imprint, signs first band
6/3/2014Artery Recordings signs Climates
6/2/2014Capture The Crown announces new album
5/30/2014Artery Recordings signs Four Letter Lie
5/14/2014Artery Recordings signs White Fox Society
5/12/2014Chelsea Grin album out in July; new song online
5/7/2014Artery Recordings signs Silent Screams
4/14/2014Scars of Tomorrow reform, sign with Artery Recs
4/9/2014Artery Recordings signs Capture The Crown
4/1/2014Attila frontman debuts first rap single
3/26/2014Adestria album set for release; new song online
3/19/2014Artery Recordings signs deal with RED Distribution
3/3/2014Artery Recordings signs Slaves (Jonny Craig)
2/24/2014I Declare War LP set for release; new song online
2/17/2014Artery Recordings signs Kublai Khan
2/10/2014Artery Recordings signs Upon This Dawning
2/6/2014Austrian Death Machine LP out in April; song debut
1/24/2014Buried In Verona to release 'Faceless' in March
1/21/2014Artery Recordings signs two bands
1/13/2014Alesana signs with Artery Recordings
12/2/2013Chelsea Grin begins recording new album
7/17/2013Artery Recordings signs Myka, Relocate
6/30/2013Hearts & Hands debut album set for release
6/4/2013Sirens and Sailors sign with Artery Recordings
4/30/2013Artery Recordings/Razor & Tie signs Incredible' Me
4/20/2013Attila sets album release date, debuts new song
4/2/2013Artery Recordings signs Death of an Era
3/11/2013Artery Recordings signs two bands
3/8/2013Artery Recordings signs Horseneck
3/2/2013Artery Foundation announces SXSW Showdown 2013
1/25/2013Vanna completes new album, debuts new song
9/10/2012Artery Recordings signs Buried In Verona
7/6/2012Artery Recordings signs In Dying Arms
5/31/2012A Bullet For Pretty Boy album set for release
3/5/2012Adestria album set for release
1/16/2012For The Fallen Dreams replaces drummer
12/26/2011For The Fallen Dreams signs w/ Artery Recordings
12/6/2011Artery Recordings signs Adestria
4/19/2011Artery/Razor & Tie signs Casino Madrid
1/17/2011Artery/Razor & Tie signs The Crimson Armada
12/11/2010Artery/Razor & Tie signs Close To Home
8/12/2010Vanna signs with Artery Recordings
3/16/2010I Declare War signs with Artery/Razor & Tie
2/9/2010Artery Recordings signs Attila
12/16/2009Artery Recordings signs A Bullet For Pretty Boy
12/15/2009Artery Foundation forms label, signs Chelsea Grin