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6/30/2022 Omnium Gatherum announce new guitarist Nick Cordle
7/13/2020 Prosthetic Records signs Foretoken
10/18/2018 Decrepit Birth drops off remainder of North American tour
9/7/2018 Arsis announce new album, premiere lead single
7/27/2018 Arsis, Decrepit Birth announce North American tour
2/28/2018 Arsis signs deal with Agonia Records
10/31/2017 Arsis recording new album, tease new music
4/29/2017 Arsis working on new music
7/13/2016 Scar Symmetry, Arsis, Shattered Sun tour dates
5/31/2016 Arsis, Scar Symmetry, more to tour North America
10/12/2015 Necromancing The Stone signs with Metal Blade
5/19/2015 Louisville Deathfest 2015 lineup announced
3/2/2015 Sepultura, Destruction, Arsis tour announced
11/16/2014 Cannabis Corpse adds Arsis guitarist to lineup
10/2/2014 Arsis mini-tour
9/21/2014 Arsis, The Absence, ex-BDM members launch new band
8/19/2014 Arsis announces European tour dates
7/21/2014 Arsis announces North American tour
8/6/2013 The Agonist, Threat Signal, Arsis tour (Europe)
7/15/2013 Arsis launches Indiegogo campaign to fund tour
6/4/2013 Wintersun, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Arsis tour
4/30/2013 Aborted comments on cancelled North American tour
4/27/2013 Hypocrisy forced to miss North American tour
4/18/2013 Arsis completes shoot for new video
3/4/2013 Arsis to release new album in April
2/27/2013 Hypocrisy, Krisiun, Aborted, Arsis tour dates
11/29/2012 Arsis set to release free EP
11/9/2012 Arsis announces new guitarist
9/9/2012 Sonata Arctica, Arsis tour takes shape
6/13/2012 Arsis begins recording new album
4/6/2012 Arsis announces new drummer
4/4/2012 Arsis drummer quits band
3/5/2012 Arch Enemy replaces Chris Amott with Arsis member
9/23/2011 Arsis announces touring musicians
9/20/2011 Arsis frontman to miss band's upcoming tour
7/5/2011 Arsis 'classic' set for re-issue
6/7/2011 Firewind, Arsis, Nightrage tour dates
5/23/2011 Arsis debuts new demo track
5/16/2011 Firewind, Arsis, Nightrage tour announced
9/23/2010 Arsis, Conducting From The Grave tour
8/26/2010 Misery Index, Grave, Arsis, etc. tour (Europe)
5/13/2010 Arsis rejoined by ex-bassist
3/24/2010 Dying Fetus, Arsis, Misery Index, etc. tour
12/15/2009 Arsis to shoot new video
10/12/2009 Arch Enemy, Exodus, Arsis tour
9/9/2009 Arsis recording new album
7/28/2009 Arsis prepares new album
5/13/2009 Behemoth, Scar Symmetry, Arsis tour (Europe)
4/6/2009 Arsis frontman comes clean about problems
3/31/2009 Drummer David Kinkade available for work
3/30/2009 Arsis rejoined by original drummer
3/18/2009 Arsis explains tour cancellations
3/7/2009 Arsis drops off Carcass tour
1/22/2009 The Faceless, Arsis, Misery Index tour
12/19/2008 Black Dahlia Murder recruits Arsis guitarist
11/12/2008 Arsis adds new drummer, bassist
9/24/2008 Arsis bassist leaving band
7/25/2008 Arsis announces new drummer
6/2/2008 Arsis replaces drummer
5/21/2008 Thrash & Burn Tour announced
4/11/2008 The Black Dahlia Murder, Arsis tour dates
3/17/2008 Shadows Fall, Kataklysm, Arsis, etc. tour
3/7/2008 Arsis resumes headlining tour
3/5/2008 Arsis flips trailer, tour in jeopardy
2/29/2008 Arsis is not breaking up
1/29/2008 Arsis, Skeletonwitch, Veil Of Maya tour
11/23/2007 The Agonist drops off tour
11/22/2007 The Faceless, Arsis mini-tour
10/31/2007 Arsis shoots new video
10/20/2007 Arsis completes new album
9/26/2007 Arsis finishing up new album
8/31/2007 Arsis parts ways with singer
8/12/2007 Exodus, Arsis, Goatwhore, Warbringer tour
7/3/2007 Arsis drops off the Summer Slaughter Tour
6/18/2007 Enslaved, Arsis, The Agonist tour
4/6/2007 Summer Slaughter Tour announced
2/19/2007 Arsis, Ion Dissonance, Beneath The Massacre tour
1/5/2007 Arsis signs w/ Nuclear Blast Records
1/4/2007 Arsis drummer leaves band
11/2/2006 God Forbid, Goatwhore, Mnemic, Arsis tour
11/1/2006 Nightmare Before Xmas Fest (Maryland) info
9/25/2006 Napalm Death, ALOL, Dead To Fall, Animosity tour
9/14/2006 Arsis and All Shall Perish tour
8/5/2006 Arsis completes new release
7/19/2006 Arsis and Becoming the Archetype tour
7/12/2006 Dead To Fall, Misery Signals, Arsis tour
6/9/2006 Arsis continues work on new album
3/17/2006 Arsis set to record new album
2/28/2006 Necrophagist, Arsis, Neuraxis, Alarum tour
2/20/2006 Cattle Decapiation, Necrophagist, etc. tour
2/18/2006 Necrophagist, Arsis, Alarum, etc. tour (Canada)
12/9/2005 SEVEN: Ballet Deviare w/ special guest Arsis
9/19/2005 Arsis finish new EP
6/13/2005 Arsis set to record new EP
4/21/2005 Arsis news and notes
3/19/2005 Arsis, The Red Death, Accursed Dawn tour
1/15/2005 Arsis, The Red Death, etc. tour
12/21/2004 Arsis, Invocation Of Nehek, etc. tour
8/5/2004 Arsis tour schedule
6/17/2004 Misery Index and Arsis tour dates
5/25/2004 Arsis and Set Ablaze tour dates

News Tidbits
11/2/2018 Arsis issues new video
10/5/2018 Arsis debuts new single
7/29/2016 A drum play-through video of a new Arsis demo track is available online.
9/23/2014 Necromancing The Stone (Arsis, ex-The Black Dahlia Murder, The Absence) have premiered their first new song.
8/10/2013 Arsis has released their new music video for "Scornstar."
4/13/2013 Arsis has uploaded a lyric video for the title track of their new album, Unwelcome.
4/2/2013 Arsis has made the title track from their new full-length available for streaming and download.
12/19/2012 A video for the new Arsis song "Carve My Cross" has been uploaded.
12/4/2012 The new Arsis EP is now available for free download.
12/3/2012 A new Arsis song has made its online debut.
3/19/2012 Arsis has unveiled a new demo track.
5/23/2011 Arsis is streaming a new demo track.
1/21/2010 Arsis' video for "Forced To Rock" can be seen here.
12/30/2009 Arsis has posted a second track from their new full-length.
12/3/2009 Arsis has posted a new song. The track comes from their next release, "Starve For The Devil."
4/30/2008 The animated version of Arsis's video for "We Are The Nightmare" is now online.
4/16/2008 Arsis' video for "We Are The Nightmare" is available online.
3/14/2008 Arsis has posted more songs from their upcoming album.
2/29/2008 Arsis (no, they haven't broken up!) has posted a track from their upcoming album.
10/16/2006 Another song from Arsis' forthcoming Willowtip release has been posted.
9/22/2006 A track from Arsis' upcoming full-length is now online.
9/16/2005 An audio clip (a three-minute portion of a thirteen-minute song) from the upcoming Arsis
8/10/2005 The new Arsis mini-CD has been mixed and is set to be mastered by James Murphy.
5/12/2004 Arsis and Ion Dissonance will be touring together this summer. Look for dates soon.

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