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Andy Sneap

6/2/2022 Amon Amarth announce new album 'The Great Heathen Army', debut new song
8/20/2021 Exodus to release new album 'Persona Non Grata' in November
7/29/2021 Dream Theater announce new album 'A View from the Top of the World'
1/31/2020 Testament debut first single from new album
2/12/2018 Judas Priest guitarist Glenn Tipton diagnosed with Parkinson's
11/16/2016 Overkill announces new album
7/8/2016 Testament announces new album
4/19/2016 Despised Icon to release new album 'Beast' in July
5/22/2015 Fear Factory announces new album
11/6/2014 Kataklysm prepare to record new album
8/13/2014 Machine Head detail new LP, Bloodstone & Diamonds
6/18/2014 Accept to release new album in August
3/28/2014 Exodus begins recording new album
3/22/2013 Carcass album producer quits; Andy Sneap recruited
5/15/2012 Testament album set for release
6/21/2011 Testament recording new album with Gene Hoglan
8/26/2009 Living Sacrifice album set for release
7/8/2008 Exodus re-records 'Bonded By Blood'
12/11/2007 Testament recording new album
11/28/2007 36 Crazyfists prepares Ferret debut
3/2/2007 Job For A Cowboy completes new album
3/1/2007 Despised Icon completes new album
10/16/2006 Chimaira recording new album
9/27/2005 Caliban begin recording new album
4/14/2005 Nevermore finish recording new album
1/19/2005 Nevermore set to record album
10/31/2004 Trivium new album update
2/10/2004 Killswitch Engage finishing up new album
7/22/2002 Stampin' Ground kicks out longtime drummer
2/11/2002 Killswitch Engage finishes tracking album
1/15/2002 Killswitch Engage studio update
11/28/2001 Killswitch Engage studio update

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