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1/30/2024 Allegaeon enter studio to begin recording LP 7 with original vocalist Ezra Haynes
1/25/2024 Decapitated & Septicflesh announce co-headline 'Cancer Culture Over North America 2024' tour
10/18/2023 Allegaeon announce permanent return of vocalist Ezra Haynes, release visualizer for "Inhumation"
2/2/2023 Allegaeon share dates for "Extraterrestrial Takeover Tour"
8/25/2022 Allegaeon's Riley McShane departs from band
3/28/2022 Allegaeon, Aenimus, Arkaik, Summoning The Lich tour
2/27/2022 Allegaeon share new music for 'Vermin'
1/20/2022 Allegaeon premiere new song and video
10/27/2021 Rivers Of Nihil, Archspire, Allegaeon, Black Crown Initiate tour of Europe, UK rescheduled
10/26/2021 Omnium Gatherum, Allegaeon, Black Crown Initiate announce North American tour
10/2/2021 ex-As I Lay Dying guitarist Nick Hipa and his band MIRE premiere debut single
4/8/2021 Allegaeon set to record new album
12/21/2020 Allegaeon share Xmas cover ft. TBDM, Cattle Decap vocalists
2/20/2020 Allegaeon, Fallujah, Entheos tour dates
2/14/2020 Allegaeon, Fallujah, Entheos, Etherius tour
5/29/2019 Allegaeon, Exmortus, Reaping Asmodeia mini-tour
1/31/2019 Allegaeon announce new album, premiere song
9/5/2018 Obscura, Fallujah, Allegaeon to tour Europe, UK
5/23/2018 The Summer Slaughter Tour 2018 lineup, dates leak
1/16/2018 Rings Of Saturn, Nekrogoblikon, Allegaeon, Entheos tour
8/30/2017 Ne Obliviscaris, Allegaeon tour
12/13/2016 Whitechapel, Cattle Decapitation, Goatwhore tour
11/5/2016 Punk singer slams Allegaeon over crowdfunding campaign
11/2/2016 Allegaeon turn to crowdfunding to keep band afloat
10/25/2016 Allegaeon bassist quitting, band seeks replacement
9/20/2016 Battlecross, Allegaeon, Necromancing The Stone tour
8/11/2016 Allegaeon announce new album, premiere song
7/29/2016 Max and Igor Cavalera announce 'Roots' North America tour
12/14/2015 Allegaeon announces new vocalist
10/9/2015 Allegaeon vocalist quits the band
2/11/2015 Allegaeon, Product of Hate tour
7/21/2014 Arsis announces North American tour
5/22/2014 Chimaira, The Plot In You, Upon This Dawning tour
5/6/2014 Allegaeon announce new album; debut new video
3/22/2014 Vapor Fest 4 lineup announced
2/4/2014 Allegaeon recording new album
11/13/2013 Allegaeon, Silence the Messenger tour dates
9/13/2013 Allegaeon guitarist Ryan Glisan leaves band
6/20/2013 Wretched, Abiotic, Allegaeon, Rivers Of Nihil tour
5/25/2013 Cryogen (Allegaeon) launches Kickstarter for album
3/4/2013 Pyrithion (As I Lay Dying) announces debut EP
10/17/2012 Job For A Cowboy, I Declare War tour
3/31/2012 All Stars Tour 2012 launches poll for opening band
2/22/2012 Allegaeon album set for release, new song debuted
10/19/2011 Allegaeon to record album; adds new drummer
6/21/2011 Metal, Arise! Tour announced
5/20/2011 Allegaeon tour dates
2/10/2010 Allegaeon recording debut
12/1/2009 Metal Blade Records signs Allegaeon

News Tidbits
4/5/2020 Allegaeon share cover of Yes classic
10/4/2019 Allegaeon release new music video
3/12/2019 Allegaeon debut new track
1/5/2018 Allegaeon has unveiled a new Rush cover.
7/10/2017 Members of Havok, Allegaeon, and Job For A Cowboy have teamed up as Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un, and Mike Tyson for a progressive metal video.
1/24/2017 Allegaeon has debuted a new video.
9/21/2016 The new Allegaeon can currently be streamed in its entirety.
8/30/2016 Allegaeon has debuted another new song from their forthcoming LP.
8/23/2016 Allegaeon has debuted a cover of the Rush song "Subdivisions."
7/17/2016 The first new Allegaeon track featuring their new vocalist is available online.
12/18/2014 Allegaeon's new video for "Threshold of Perception" is available online.
4/3/2013 Pyrithion (As I Lay Dying, etc.) has uploaded a studio video for their upcoming debut.
4/11/2011 Allegaeon's new video for "Biomech" has debuted online.

1/15/2020 2019 Metal Albums of the Year
4/16/2012 Allegaeon "Iconic Images" song premiere

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