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6/11/2022 Alesana, Palisades, Vampires Everywhere! tour announced
7/1/2017 Alesana, Eyes Set To Kill, Lakeshore tour
1/3/2017 Alesana, For The Win, Versus, Vesta Collide tour dates
7/26/2016 Alesana, Oh Sleeper, Famous Last Words tour dates
8/14/2015 Alesana, Iwrestledabearonce, Entheos tour
5/26/2015 Alesana announces European tour
2/24/2015 Alesana set to release new album
1/27/2015 Alesana, Capture The Crown, The Browning tour
11/12/2014 Alesana set to record first ever live album
7/28/2014 Alesana cancels Russia, Ukraine, Finland shows
7/27/2014 Alesana, Megosh tour dates
1/13/2014 Alesana signs with Artery Recordings
1/7/2014 Alesana cancels tour of South America
5/3/2013 Alesana, The Color Morale, Upon This Dawning tour
7/9/2012 Alesana to headline 'Inked Music Tour'
10/14/2011 We Came As Romans, Alesana, IWABO tour (Europe)
8/22/2011 Alesana, Atilla, Memphis May Fire, etc. tour
5/3/2011 All Stars Tour (Emmure, For Today) takes shape
1/25/2011 Epitaph officially signs Alesana
11/17/2010 Escape The Fate, Alesana, Get Scared tour
10/29/2010 Epitaph Records signs Alesana
9/27/2010 Alesana, Our Last Night, etc. tour dates
6/28/2010 Ex-Greeley Estates guitarist joins Alesana
12/14/2009 Alesana, Word Alive, We Came As Romans tour
10/12/2009 Alesana, From First To Last, Word Alive tour
8/24/2009 Evergreen Terrace shooting new video
7/2/2009 Alesana, The Bled, etc. tour
12/20/2008 Drop Dead Gorgeous, Fear Before, Alesana tour
10/29/2008 Alesana, A Static Lullaby tour
3/5/2008 Devil Wears Prada, A Day To Remember tour (UK)
2/4/2008 Alesana, The Chariot, Sky Eats Airplane tour
9/19/2007 The Number Twelve Looks Like You, Alesana tour
7/24/2007 As Cities Burn, Alesana tour
2/6/2007 From Autumn To Ashes, Haste The Day, etc. tour
12/2/2006 Fearless Records signs Alesana
7/28/2006 Across Five Aprils, Crash Romeo, etc. tour

News Tidbits
4/17/2015 The new Alesana album can now be streamed in its entirety.
8/9/2010 Alesana was apparently assaulted by members of Pennywise yesterday in Denver.
5/27/2008 Alesana has posted another track from their new album.

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