Abacus Recordings news


7/24/2007Abacus Recordings shuts down
1/14/2007Burnthe8track leaves Abacus Recordings
10/20/2006Sick Of It All tribute announced
10/16/2006Turmoil leaves Abacus Recordings
9/5/2006The Agony Scene signs w/ Abacus Recordings
6/30/2006Cancer Bats signs w/ Abacus Recordings
6/27/2006Righteous Jams signs w/ Abacus Recordings
6/16/2006Abacus Recordings signs Faulter
5/31/2006Purified In Blood sign w/ Abacus Recs
5/10/2006Arms Of Orion sign w/ Abacus Recordings
4/14/2006Backyard Babies set to release Abacus debut
4/11/2006Abacus Recordings Tour
4/1/2006Abacus Recordings signs Clifton
2/16/2006Caliban, Sworn Enemy, Ion Dissonance, etc. tour
11/7/2005The Distance sign w/ Abacus Recordings
10/24/2005Sick Of It All signs w/ Abacus Recs
9/26/2005Abacus signs Planes Mistaken For Stars
8/18/2005Stavesacre sign w/ Abacus Recordings
8/4/2005Abacus Recs signs Sworn Enemy
7/20/2005Ignite sign w/ Abacus Recordings
7/13/2005The Juliana Theory sign w/ Abacus Recs
6/20/2005Abacus Recs to release Turbonegro album in U.S.
3/23/2005Ion Dissonance sign w/ Abacus Recordings
3/17/2005Abacus Recordings signs DeSole
3/9/2005Swarm Of The Lotus sign w/ Abacus Recs
3/2/2005Abacus Recs signs Embrace The End
10/26/2004Abacus Recordings signs Maroon
9/23/2004Abacus Recordings signs The Goodwill
9/10/2004Abacus Recordings signs Bleeding Kansas
7/13/2004Caliban signs US deal with Abacus Recordings
4/11/2004The Abandoned Hearts Club signs w/ Abacus
3/29/2004All Else Failed joins Abacus Recs roster
1/28/2004Devilinside added to Abacus Recordings roster
1/24/2004Heaven Shall Burn signs w/ Century Media
10/13/2003Abacus Recordings signs BurnThe8Track
7/3/2003Glass Casket signs w/ Abacus Recordings
10/20/2002Radiation 4 signs with Century Media