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A389 Recordings

2/13/2022 End Reign (All Out War, Integrity, Bloodlet, Pig Destroyer) premiere two new songs
3/5/2018 A389 Recordings shuts down
3/23/2017 Pulling Teeth announce reunion show, album reissue
9/9/2016 Junior Bruce (ex-Bloodlet) premiere video, announce new album
5/19/2016 Ringworm, Brain Tentacles to release split EP
3/3/2016 YAITW and Gatecreeper announce RSD split
3/19/2015 Chokehold to release complete discography
3/3/2015 A389 Recordings signs Genocide Pact
2/25/2015 ILSA to release new album in May
1/25/2015 In Cold Blood announces new 7"
11/6/2014 A389 announces XI Anniversary Bash
9/19/2014 Full Of Hell completes new album
3/21/2014 Bloodlet set to release 'Live On WFUM-FM'
3/18/2014 Integrity, Vegas to release Record Store Day split
11/25/2013 A389 Recordings signs Napalm Christ
11/22/2013 Bloodlet: unreleased material due out in January
11/5/2013 A389 Recordings signs Sick/Tired
9/26/2013 A389 Recordings announces 10th Anniversary Bash
9/24/2013 A389 Recordings signs Sex Prisoner
8/19/2013 Blind To Faith set to release new EP
8/19/2013 Integrity: iconic lineup to reunite for A389 Bash
7/20/2013 The Bellicose Minds sign with A389 Recordings
3/21/2013 Integrity to release new album in June
3/19/2013 Necropsy changes name to Noisem
3/7/2013 A389 Recordings signs Necropsy
1/24/2013 Iron Reagan debut full-length set for release
9/27/2012 Weekend Nachos to release new 7" in January
9/1/2012 A389 IX Anniversary Bash lineup
7/24/2012 Ringworm to release first-ever live album
6/13/2012 Full of Hell, The Guilt Of... announce split 7"
4/24/2012 A389 Recs announces Earthride, Junior Bruce split
4/11/2012 A389 Recordings to release Vilipend album
4/2/2012 Scion/A389 showcase to include Integrity, more
2/27/2012 Countdown To Oblivion discography due out in March
2/24/2012 A389 Recordings to release ILSA album
2/8/2012 A389 Recordings to release Eddie Brock EP
1/18/2012 Integrity announces new release
12/16/2011 A389 Recordings signs Cynarae

News Tidbits
12/16/2013 Integrity's 'Systems Overload' lineup has recorded a new track, part of which you can hear right now.

6/27/2023 Domenic Romeo of End Reign/Integrity & A389 Recordings

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