that "elliot rodger" je ne sais quoi

evil_hero 6/10/2021 5:17:48 PM
you probably have it in spades
BULLETHEAD 6/10/2021 5:19:03 PM
i'm an incel
two_dick_rick 6/10/2021 5:19:54 PM
I'm way to Shaka to get all tweaked and geeked about fly hunnies doing their own biz. Esssspecially if I was rocking a BMDubz up and down Santa Barbara with a college scholarship brah. That's like #partycity #shakaville

I am scarily handsome though.
Cacabutt called me a chiseled psychopath
two_dick_rick 6/10/2021 5:20:35 PM
I'm like Josh Harnett if he wasn't so basic. Or like a more hot Tom Hardy
evil_hero 6/13/2021 12:54:47 PM
hahahahaha i'll take cacabutts word on that. A+ goater