new fridge decoration

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BULLETHEAD 4/18/2021 1:23:40 PM
this came in the mail, i guess i ordered it when i was drunk. i put it on my fridge. it looks so cool
BULLETHEAD 4/18/2021 1:24:04 PM
you got anything cool on your fridge?
simon_belmonT 4/18/2021 1:25:36 PM
I have a picture of Karl Marx hanging in my refrigerator. It was in a postcard section at a store for like 25 cents and I thought it'd be funny.
simon_belmonT 4/18/2021 1:26:13 PM
That thing might freak you out when you're high
BULLETHEAD 4/18/2021 1:26:45 PM
i think he was against personal refrigeration
BULLETHEAD 4/18/2021 1:27:07 PM
i love Cynic so much. it's all i listen to now
BULLETHEAD 4/18/2021 1:28:39 PM
you like Cynic, simon_belmont?
skinsuit 4/18/2021 1:30:20 PM
I want to see what's inside the fridge.
duncan_idaho 4/18/2021 1:30:51 PM
Thats awesome!
BULLETHEAD 4/18/2021 1:32:16 PM
it's mostly olives and beer in there
AnalButt 4/18/2021 2:00:00 PM
BULLETHEAD 4/18/2021 2:00:35 PM
not very appetizing
mindtraveler 4/18/2021 2:09:57 PM
I love to fart in Walt Disney World
carveyournamein 4/18/2021 2:11:02 PM
Very cool.
mindtraveler 4/18/2021 2:14:44 PM
quick ?... is it i love to fart, or i heart to fart?
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