bane: holding these moments (2020)

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easyhateoven 4/16/2021 1:09:18 PM
finally got around to watching this last night and it was great. worth checking out, fellas.

except trind, f*ck that thing
theocean 4/16/2021 1:10:38 PM
i will watch man
easyhateoven 4/16/2021 1:12:27 PM
it gets pretty emotional
d0t_hack 4/16/2021 1:13:22 PM
I'll check this out tonight. Thanks for the link.
BULLETHEAD 4/16/2021 1:13:23 PM
guys wearing a ralph lauren sweatshirt. not punk
Spaceghhost 4/16/2021 1:16:00 PM
its always nice when a Batman villian gets his own spin off
easyhateoven 4/16/2021 1:16:29 PM
the link is for the trailer. i'm not sure where it's streaming, but you can probably buy it for like $5. worth it
theocean 4/16/2021 1:16:43 PM
abercrombie and polo stuff was what a lot of people wore at shows in boston at the time

the return to studded belts came a little bit after
theocean 4/16/2021 1:16:56 PM
and plenty of cargo pocket space
simon_belmonT 4/16/2021 1:17:26 PM
BULLETHEAD 4/16/2021 1:13:23 PM
guys wearing a ralph lauren sweatshirt. not punk

In the 80s they had the jock hardcore kids. In the 90s it was the preppys
barbara 4/16/2021 1:18:03 PM
lol. will watch soon.
BULLETHEAD 4/16/2021 1:18:58 PM
i guess you can afford fancy sweatshirts when you're not buying beer
easyhateoven 4/16/2021 1:19:56 PM
lol that beer money adds up
simon_belmonT 4/16/2021 1:20:14 PM
I was more of the skater thing. Baggy pants from PacSun and goodwill t shirts. Actually wait, I still dress like that
webmaster 4/16/2021 1:25:03 PM
i had to sign a release form like a year ago for that because they wanted to show a Lambgoat album review or something like that. I wonder if it made it into the doc
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