Electronics goaters

carveyournamein 4/11/2021 6:28:39 PM
Anyone got a wooden TV they wanna get rid of?
willy_wanker 4/11/2021 6:35:15 PM
i do
carveyournamein 4/11/2021 6:37:23 PM
Does it function?
willy_wanker 4/11/2021 6:39:31 PM
it functions as a shelf
carveyournamein 4/11/2021 6:39:57 PM
Oh. I want one that actually works.
willy_wanker 4/11/2021 6:40:51 PM
it does work and its big and heavy
willy_wanker 4/11/2021 6:42:19 PM
the speaker covers got shredded by my cats, and the base was chewed on by my dog, but otherwise its like brand new
carveyournamein 4/11/2021 6:55:31 PM
I'll pass.
willy_wanker 4/11/2021 6:57:44 PM
your loss. the old world 198Os japanese craftsmanship of this piece is unparalleled
carveyournamein 4/11/2021 6:58:24 PM
Yeah. It'd be nice if your animals hadn't ruined it.
willy_wanker 4/11/2021 7:00:33 PM
just take the speaker covers to an upholsterers and sand off the bite marks
mindtraveler 4/11/2021 7:02:34 PM
make the dog and cat fix it