Professional Wrestling vs MMA

carveyournamein 4/11/2021 6:03:11 PM
Pro-Wrestling is cooler. Even now.
BULLETHEAD 4/11/2021 6:06:12 PM
i don't follow either so i'm not comfortable answering
KlDCADAVER 4/11/2021 6:43:24 PM
one is entertaining, and the other is mma
carveyournamein 4/11/2021 6:45:18 PM
mindtraveler 4/11/2021 6:54:46 PM
yeah, the only thing i'd say though is some of the stupid death match wrestling that features two shirtless sloppy f*cks who weigh less than me fighting without rings is basically the dumbest f*cking shit to ever exist... but i'd rather watch spot monkey gymnastics than most UFC boring ass fights with a bunch of jabronis practicing the most boring style of "martial arts" since MCMAP
carveyournamein 4/11/2021 7:06:18 PM
The Deathmatch stuff makes no sense to me.
portslob 4/11/2021 7:08:20 PM
MMA sucks.
It used to be good, but now they let anyone in
mindtraveler 4/11/2021 7:09:32 PM
Yeah, none what-so-ever. It's almost psychotic or some kind of defective violent perspective to actually enjoy watching it IMO. The funniest thing is the "wrestlers" will cite their influences being Mick Foley or Terry Funk; who did participate in death match or hardcore style wrestling at times, but were also A) Grown Ass Men and B) Terry Funk was a damned good technical wrestler and Foley wasn't bad as a standard brawler with good psychology and basics. These jack-offs just hit each other with light bulbs lmao. They should say "Influenced by: The rage a toddler feels when being told no", throwing things and stuff.
mindtraveler 4/11/2021 7:11:56 PM
UFC had potential if they had stuck to various styles facing off and as they grew bigger, getting olympians and masters of various martial arts; instead of just having it set up for a Gracie or Gracie stable mate to win.

Even early on, when it was finding it's legs, it was pretty cool. Bones Jones was probably the last guy I gave a f*ck about because he was the first to have a few different styles in his bag, and now everyone fights (to a degree) like that. It's all "mixed-martial arts", which it's like, ok whatever man... some of us like the various rules of various disciplines and now the art is taken out of a match up of true styles IMO
carveyournamein 4/11/2021 7:21:05 PM
UFC should have deathmatches, though.
mindtraveler 4/11/2021 7:25:01 PM
UFC presents their first ever Lumberjack match

followed by an exploding thumbtack match with barbwire ropes.

but actually, technically use of weapons are present in tons of martial arts so it makes more sense for it in UFC than Pro Wrestling lol
mindtraveler 4/11/2021 7:29:53 PM
also theres some douche bag types in the UFC who'd i'd love to hear got their face chopped off with a sword. mainly that guy who said he could beat up LeBron. In a regulation match with rules? Yeah, certainly, no doubts. In a street fight? Does he think LeBron is really 6'3" and that he can grab and manipulate a man that big the way he would to regular heavyweight fighters? (I don't think there's ever been a heavyweight fighter that would come close to weight/speed/muscularity and strength of James) who was that Colby Covington right? I'd laugh if i heard he got killed in a sword duel. He's a piece of shit egotist f*ck boy.
mindtraveler 4/11/2021 7:36:25 PM
Also, I get the feeling a lot of UFC fighters wouldn't be fighters if the fan attitude and unraveled insane nature of people for fights was the way it was in the 1980's and before era of Pro Wrestling. Imagine some of those dudes mouths if they thought a fan might actually stab them, like wrestlers had to worry about back in the day... lol. They're not saying shit except maybe 2-3 of em, McGregor probably and eh Diazs and whats his face Dom the commentator, otherwise, not a peep.
carveyournamein 4/11/2021 7:39:00 PM
UFC title matches should be held on concrete with loose gravel and broken glass and other sharp debris.
mindtraveler 4/11/2021 8:03:35 PM
the funnest fight i watched in the last 10 years or, card, in MMA was that god awful one with Kimbo v Dada and where Royce Gracie straight dick punched Ken Shamrock in their U68 level championship match