it's a good day

withdeadhandsrising 4/11/2021 9:34:51 AM
pretty stoned

won $500 on a scratch off

how r u, men?
carveyournamein 4/11/2021 2:39:44 PM
portslob 4/11/2021 3:00:10 PM
You lucky bitch!
mindtraveler 4/11/2021 3:37:52 PM
Oh goddamnit I wish I had $500. I'm at a laundromat and the first machine at $3.25 I put into, lucky the manager was there and basically right by me and saw it lol. I'm farting in my car rn, punishing my seat.
withdeadhandsrising 4/11/2021 6:08:41 PM
i'll buy that seat for $500