Battle of the Borlands: Wes vs. Al

easyhateoven 4/10/2021 7:35:19 AM
Who you got?
kimmygeobbelers 4/10/2021 8:49:13 AM
Al Borland has that pent up my-wife-left-me and my-kids-don't-f*cking-resp ect-me even though I worked my fu king ass off for 25 years to pay for their entire existence rage. Wes Borland is a misunderstood man child who's top priority is he knows how to impress teenagers. Al Borland would kill Wes Borland in 15 second and then efficiently dispose of his corpse and smile the entire time.
skinsuit 4/10/2021 9:06:31 AM
He had some fine guitar moments on Three Dollar Bill Y'all tho.
easyhateoven 4/10/2021 12:28:13 PM
Stfu trind
mindtraveler 4/10/2021 12:30:18 PM
I like to think of them as a tag team, like the mega powers or shake n bake
mindtraveler 4/10/2021 12:36:29 PM
Like Nazareth's "Hair of the Dog" starts playing, and the automatic doors at the grocery store open, and they both enter, arms raised triumphantly... clad in flannel and dad jeans, face paint on both, ready to cut a promo and close it out with their classic phrase "A chainsaw to skin an ass raw? I don't think so, Tim Fred".
easyhateoven 4/10/2021 12:49:56 PM
simon_belmonT 4/11/2021 11:47:25 AM
I'm getting concerned that this kimmy character has suffered some sort of brain trauma
portslob 4/11/2021 1:52:06 PM
Awful awful poster
mindtraveler 4/11/2021 2:19:21 PM
He clearly has given thought, a lot of it, to a hypothetical murder committed by Al Borland.... smdh
easyhateoven 4/11/2021 2:37:08 PM
this thread could have been huge