songs that should be covered by a sludge band

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willy_wanker 4/1/2021 8:26:24 PM
or grind band

whe who - who are you
the beatles - while my guitar gently weeps
the kinks - destroyer
concrete blonde - sky is a poisonous garden
rem - its the end of the world
mandrill - two sisters of mystery
simon_belmonT 4/1/2021 8:27:16 PM
soundgarden - slaves and bulldozers
willy_wanker 4/1/2021 8:39:19 PM
beastie boys - mullet head
timelordtwo 4/1/2021 8:50:48 PM
Take my breath away
mindtraveler 4/1/2021 8:57:10 PM
ben e king - i who have nothing

tell me i didnt just hit the grand slam in the bottom of the 9th
mindtraveler 4/1/2021 9:14:46 PM
ideg2f's about the flack if its not good that ill get but i did this and yeah lag af on the lead but its a rough first thru. i wish some of u mf'ers would do drums or sing this or guitar while i sing since this song doesnt have marvelous og vocals. but maybe also cover this, because if you slowed the tempo down its still hot. (as a cover)
mindtraveler 4/1/2021 9:15:31 PM
oh jesus woops not that one sorry tried to rapid fire link and post. drive your screws of judgement into my cock and throat plz
kimmygeobbelers 4/2/2021 2:34:55 AM
et9 needs to cover a fudge tunnel song. they are recording a new album. both from f*cking nottingham.
kimmygeobbelers 4/2/2021 2:40:32 AM
and crowbar should cover this shit.

and fudge tunnel should come back out of retirement for one f*cking song and cover fall back to zero. complete the circle.
conduit 4/2/2021 7:06:59 AM
Spineshank have already provided the definitive cover of while my guitar gently weeps.
Plaguestricken 4/2/2021 7:12:11 AM
I've always wanted to cover Where Boys Fear to Tread by Smashing Pumpkins. Always thought that could be a cool sludge cover for some reason.
willy_wanker 4/2/2021 11:29:28 AM
ma perfect circle - judith
willy_wanker 4/2/2021 11:29:51 AM
a perfect circle
skinsuit 4/2/2021 11:30:31 AM
Slayer - Angel of Death
barbara 4/2/2021 11:30:51 AM
willy_wanker 4/2/2021 11:29:28 AM
ma perfect circle - judith

think this is a bluegrass cover
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