Death Metal

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carveyournamein 3/20/2021 10:37:19 AM
Is that genre still stagnant?
simon_belmonT 3/20/2021 10:40:56 AM
Some might call it "dead"
BULLETHEAD 3/20/2021 10:43:15 AM
Its thriving
barbara 3/20/2021 10:44:12 AM
BULLETHEAD 3/20/2021 10:54:54 AM
Black metal surpassed it
AnalButt 3/20/2021 10:56:10 AM
Too loud and fast. They need to slow down and chill
carveyournamein 3/20/2021 10:57:21 AM
What's the best Death Metal band right now?
barbara 3/20/2021 10:57:42 AM
BULLETHEAD 3/20/2021 10:54:54 AM
Black metal surpassed it

pretty early in the morning to say something so stupid
carveyournamein 3/20/2021 11:02:10 AM
No, I think he is right. Deafheaven is pretty popular. Even my numetal friend likes them.
BULLETHEAD 3/20/2021 11:04:42 AM
Theres more room for experimentation in black metal. Prove me wrong
barbara 3/20/2021 11:04:58 AM
he is right I'm just not a fan. I blame all the 4chan kids that grew up for it's rise in popularity
BULLETHEAD 3/20/2021 11:05:34 AM
Although that Venenum album a few years ago was some pretty psychedelic death metal
barbara 3/20/2021 11:05:38 AM
I watched that sean reinert thing last night. first half was pretty good
BULLETHEAD 3/20/2021 11:06:39 AM
And the latter half?
barbara 3/20/2021 11:09:39 AM
kinda boring! I could stop staring at the dude from Monstrosity's massive hands.
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