Best Pretzel?

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VINCE 1/24/2021 8:12:52 PM
Who makes the best pretzel man?

I like these, man
BULLETHEAD 1/24/2021 8:16:59 PM
ever see that simpsons where the mom Marge starts a pretzel company?
willy_wanker 1/24/2021 8:26:49 PM
nyc street vendor soft pretzels
KlDCADAVER 1/24/2021 8:36:27 PM
dots pretzels
VINCE 1/24/2021 8:57:18 PM
What about chocolate covered pretzels? You like those????
BULLETHEAD 1/24/2021 8:57:50 PM
i'd rather have yogurt covered
easyhateoven 1/24/2021 9:00:38 PM
i had a cinnamon sugar one when i was little once and it was great. not sure if id like it now. forgot who made them.
cpt_howdy 1/24/2021 9:10:30 PM
Spaceghhost 1/25/2021 9:21:31 AM
I have had those before, from the Amish store, they are pretty salty.
carveyournamein 1/25/2021 9:32:47 AM
I like pretzel.
portslob 1/25/2021 9:35:27 AM
three words

Snyder's Butter Snaps.

it'll change your life
fourthgradecocktease 1/25/2021 9:59:43 AM
If we're talking hard pretzels, that would be the "sourdough specials" by San Francisco Pretzel Company.

If we're talking soft pretzels, I do f*ck with Wetzel's pretty hard. Those NYC street pretzels willy mentioned sound pretty good though.
slksucksthebigone 1/25/2021 11:30:30 AM
The one in my mouth.
godfreyj0nes 1/25/2021 1:15:04 PM
Any buttered pretzel.

I'm partial to these
fourthgradecocktease 1/25/2021 4:35:48 PM
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