NFL conference championship predictions

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simon_belmonT 1/24/2021 11:00:54 AM
Bills 27
Chiefs 24

Bucs 28
Packers 34
seriousloser 1/24/2021 11:14:50 AM
Bills 32
Chiefs 24

Bucs 17
Packers 35

SB predictions

Bills 30
Packers 20
earthpart20 1/24/2021 11:20:04 AM
bucs chiefs in the sb
portslob 1/24/2021 11:55:48 AM
Bills, Bucs

Bucs beat bills in Super Bowl. Tom Brady crushes the will of bills fans yet again
deadwithfear 1/24/2021 12:16:12 PM
Bills Packers. Packers win.
simon_belmonT 1/24/2021 12:20:35 PM
Brady didn't look great last week. They won that game on the poor play of Brees. Rodgers ain't gonna stink the place up like that
weirdo 1/24/2021 12:20:55 PM
packers bills bowl

Rodgers wins another
shitinyourhand 1/24/2021 1:49:02 PM
i'll buy sl0rb's scenario
Yousuckkkkk 1/24/2021 2:38:20 PM
Packers Vs Bills is what I want

Packers Vs Chiefs is probably what will happen
easyhateoven 1/24/2021 2:39:39 PM
it would be funny to see the bills make it to the super bowl for the fifth time and lose for the fifth time
shitinyourhand 1/24/2021 2:40:42 PM
i know everyone has said this but Josh Allen is the real deal. He's fun to watch just like Brady but in a different way.
shitinyourhand 1/24/2021 2:41:09 PM
More like Big Ben playing wise
shitinyourhand 1/24/2021 2:42:03 PM
If the bowl is Packers Chiefs i'll be bored i think
Yousuckkkkk 1/24/2021 3:06:36 PM
As a Browns fan I wish Cleveland drafted Allen and not Mayfield. I like Allen. He's an awesome qb. Got that rocket arm
simon_belmonT 1/24/2021 9:19:55 PM
I really nailed it with my predictions
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