Ted Kaczynski

VINCE 1/23/2021 8:41:28 PM
You think he was onto something??
simon_belmonT 1/23/2021 8:44:44 PM
I'm scared that's what's going to happen to bullethead living out there In Montana
BULLETHEAD 1/23/2021 8:47:22 PM
i live in a city
VINCE 1/23/2021 8:48:40 PM
You ever read his writings? Their actually pretty interesting.
simon_belmonT 1/23/2021 8:53:10 PM
I read his manifesto. It sort of comes from a good place, I guess
iwilladapt 1/23/2021 9:07:01 PM
He was clearly a very intelligent guy. A bit deranged but obviously bright.

His writings predicted the future more accurately than the Simpsons, but no one seems to want to talk about that.
suicidebears 1/23/2021 9:11:03 PM
what if his name would have been tad
carveyournamein 1/23/2021 9:13:39 PM
I haven't read his writings. What did he predict?
BULLETHEAD 1/23/2021 9:17:15 PM
timelordtwo 1/23/2021 9:32:50 PM
Before his time