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carveyournamein 1/23/2021 8:19:49 AM
What do you think happens there?
Barbara 1/23/2021 10:04:27 AM
Old titties
VINCE 1/23/2021 10:26:13 AM
Not social distancing I tell you that right now
VINCE 1/23/2021 10:27:07 AM
My dad went to sturgis back in the 80s. My dad was cool.
simon_belmonT 1/23/2021 10:33:25 AM
Sturgis Simplon
cpt_howdy 1/23/2021 11:55:07 AM
Barbara 1/23/2021 10:04:27 AM
Old titties

Old fake titties
barbara 1/23/2021 11:59:15 AM
the one video I watched from 2020's was a wet t shirt in the back parking lot of a bar, at 10 am. The stage was one of those big wooden spools they transport wire on.
duncan_idaho 1/23/2021 12:00:37 PM
That sounds dangerously arousing
explosions_in_this_guy 1/23/2021 12:07:00 PM
Where people accidently poo their pants while twerking and that doesn't stop them or anyone else
BULLETHEAD 1/23/2021 12:19:40 PM
i've been there when the bike thing wasn't going on. shithole town. probably worse when the bikers are there
dog_boner 1/23/2021 12:21:40 PM
I need to go there with a ton of drugs. I'd make a lot of money
cpt_howdy 1/23/2021 12:51:05 PM
a lot of cops there off duty. yes there are cops that don't care. yes there are cops that do.
BULLETHEAD 1/23/2021 12:53:08 PM
just ask them if they're a cop first. they have to tell you
BULLETHEAD 1/23/2021 12:53:22 PM
i dont' know if that's true though
AnalButt 1/23/2021 12:54:54 PM
It's true. That's how gangs find out who's an undercover cop
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