the thing about black metal is,

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BULLETHEAD 1/21/2021 4:30:37 PM
If you listen to black metal, but you don't know what phase the moon is in, or what wild flowers are blooming then you have failed. It is shocking to me that one could be seriously interested in black metal and not be deeply committed to radical ecology. Is black metal supposed to be about concrete high rises, suburbs, television, and an easy modern existence with access to 4-tracks and corpse paint from the local Hot Topic? No! The music is about wild forests, unfettered rivers, nature: furious and vengeful.
simon_belmonT 1/21/2021 4:34:49 PM
Maybe, before we even begin a deeper discussion about the platitudes of black metal and all of our concerns about the future of the pagan warrior's place outside of the deafening – no puns allowed here, people – realms of Blashyrkh, and definitely before we start throwing around made-up words that we all embarrassingly use in private to describe the eyebrow-curving, elitist authenticity of our darkest loves in this sub-corner of music, maybe we need to recognize all of the things that Deafheaven is not
suicidebears 1/21/2021 4:43:35 PM
One could propose a new meaning for black metal along with a new array of techniques to activate that meaning. The meaning of Transcendental Black Metal is Affirmation, and its new technique is the Burst Beat.
The will to power has two stages. The first may be called Fortification; the establishment of a paradigm or set of rules and the ensuing exploration of potential that lies within those constraints. The second stage may be termed Sacrifice; an auto-destruction, a self-overcoming whereby the initial rules, having been fully digested and satisfied, are thereby mutilated. They are transformed into the basis for something new and unprecedented.
Transcendental Black Metal is black metal in the mode of Sacrifice. It is a clearing aside of contingent features and a fresh exploration of the essence of black metal. As such it is solar, hypertrophic, courageous, finite and penultimate. Its tone is Affirmation and its key technique is the Burst Beat.
BULLETHEAD 1/21/2021 4:44:11 PM
stop joking around you two
BULLETHEAD 1/21/2021 4:46:26 PM
that whole pacific northwest black metal scene feels like it dried up
suicidebears 1/21/2021 4:48:29 PM
a genre full of bands that take themselves that seriously probably shouldn't exist anyway
BULLETHEAD 1/21/2021 4:50:39 PM
there was a lot of genuine pretension, but it was sort of an act too. the guys in Agalloch are goofballs and jokers
BULLETHEAD 1/21/2021 5:29:18 PM
i'm listening to Wolves In the Throne room - Diadem of 12 Stars. holds up 15 years later. why woulnd't it, i guess?
super_xander_is_god 1/21/2021 5:44:22 PM
If you take yourself seriously in a band where you dress up like apocalyptic kiss, you should eat your own poop with your bare hands out of your toilet.
super_xander_is_god 1/21/2021 5:57:28 PM
Oh didn't see the pac northwest thing. If you play black metal and dress up like some habitual weed using ninny with your sissy pants and stupid beard that took you 5 years to grow when mine takes a month, your band is garbage and you should fall down a well.
easyhateoven 1/21/2021 5:58:18 PM
i'm listening to pavement now. nothing more black metal than slacker rock
BULLETHEAD 1/21/2021 5:58:50 PM
sounds like your chakras are out of whack
BULLETHEAD 1/21/2021 5:59:14 PM
oh god i didn't like Pavement
dayman 1/21/2021 6:00:39 PM
what is this
easyhateoven 1/21/2021 6:10:53 PM
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