4OO,OOO people have died from covid

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willy_wanker 1/19/2021 7:22:18 PM
that isnt that many
Greg_LooseAnus 1/19/2021 7:27:04 PM
carveyournamein 1/19/2021 7:28:10 PM
That's just in America.
carveyournamein 1/19/2021 7:28:26 PM
There are people living in other countries.
willy_wanker 1/19/2021 7:31:06 PM
im only talking about america because im an american and this is america
BULLETHEAD 1/19/2021 7:32:23 PM
That's more people than live in Tampa Bay. Would you be upset if Tampa got wiped out?
barbara 1/19/2021 7:32:55 PM
not if we can keep st pete my uncle lives there
carveyournamein 1/19/2021 7:33:09 PM
There are Americans living in other countries who've also died from covid-19.
willy_wanker 1/19/2021 7:33:42 PM
f*ck them. traitors
willy_wanker 1/19/2021 7:33:55 PM
they deserved it
fourthgradecocktease 1/19/2021 7:50:39 PM
40,000 people die every day... how come we're not one of em?
willy_wanker 1/19/2021 7:54:33 PM
covid or not, every single one of those people would have died anyway
super_xander_is_god 1/19/2021 8:23:23 PM
We're all fucking dead already
BULLETHEAD 1/19/2021 8:24:15 PM
weren't most of these people like 85 years old?
super_xander_is_god 1/19/2021 8:28:13 PM
Age ain't nothing but a number bebe
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