Trump impeached twice

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two_dick_rick 1/14/2021 1:19:17 PM
There is no "illegal", there is legal or illegal.
super_xander_is_god 1/14/2021 1:21:55 PM
*Biden post*
slksucksthebigone 1/14/2021 1:23:55 PM
He's gonna be cleared this time around too.
super_xander_is_god 1/14/2021 1:26:20 PM
two_dick_rick 1/13/2021 11:52:47 PM
Out of curiosity, what crime do you all think trump committed?

In office or as a private citizen? As a state official the lines are pretty murky because he didn't necessarily make any threats regarding shit like the Trump Golf Course and the British Open. The Ukraine deal seemed pretty illegal, withholding aid for a favor. The Russian shit, even if it's true, it was people being influenced and making a choice on forged documents and rumors, which I don't think is illegal. You can't charge someone for influencing things one way or another.

As a private citizen, some of the unsealed court documents or testimonials paint him as possibly a pedophile, a sexual deviant, a mafia connected money launderer, a lot of shady stuff; but that's all rumors until the SDNY trials finally go through the courts. Some rumors are that the evidence they've been gathering goes back a really long way, but those are just rumors, so who knows.

He's like any career criminal, imho historically, where he's been caught red handed with things that are just kind of minor infringements or infractions, and likely has some skeletons in the closet we won't know till long after he's dead, and maybe even his kids-given how they have that "protect our own" pack mentality.
super_xander_is_god 1/14/2021 1:31:34 PM
Also I think Trumps rise signals that meme about America being a third world country with a Gucci belt is basically a truth.

He's symbolic of American life. Some f*ck who can come in and talk sweet, he'll promise you a life of good, all your dreams dude he can make em real. Like the single moms and the parents of dead kids from dope and shit, all that is just rah rah that will leave you once it gets what it wants. Pretty much the American ethics in 2020. People celebrating him going will support the same "comfort" goals that raised his profile, and another will come, lol. The problem is, the next one with some shady goals will learn from him and be worse for the world. But people will think the ececonmummy is good because they like money, so whatever. I guess as long as we don't spend anymore money on NASA or stuff preventing asteroids hitting the earth, it's ok.
BULLETHEAD 1/14/2021 1:34:00 PM
they're called developing countries now. 3rd world is offensive to say
super_xander_is_god 1/14/2021 1:35:37 PM
I know, I was in one. But the term is the term most dumb ass Americans use. It's called playing down to your audience. I'm surprised you even know the term.
barbara 1/14/2021 1:36:29 PM
he gon get u for speaking out of turn
super_xander_is_god 1/14/2021 1:36:34 PM
Americans still think the Cold War is happening. Lol. Then again if you asked an American now then or forever what a second world country is they'd probably say Canada because they only have the Blue Jays and Raptors.
super_xander_is_god 1/14/2021 1:41:24 PM
Remember when they called it "under-developed" for like 10 years and were like "ouch my ass" and changed it to developed or developing? Fuck yeah.
two_dick_rick 1/14/2021 1:44:41 PM
So boil down xanders reply... "no crime"
super_xander_is_god 1/14/2021 1:54:35 PM
Proven in court? Not really. God knows what he's actually done, but that's speculation. However, since he based a lot of his career and fame on speculation, eh, agus gayhramid mar a ta se.
two_dick_rick 1/14/2021 1:57:39 PM
So, again, no crime
super_xander_is_god 1/14/2021 1:58:51 PM
Let's try that again without the Amazon filter and stupid fingers.

Agus fagaimid suid mar ata se.

super_xander_is_god 1/14/2021 2:01:04 PM
In the classic concepts of the eyes of the law? I dislike him, but no. Mainly because he hasn't been convicted. Impeachment isn't conviction.

I'm just stating his possible crimes as a caveat that being innocent in the courts isn't being innocent in public opinion, moral court etc (ya know where Jesus n dem reindeer judge ya with St. Peter watchin or some shit)
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