new gatecreeper record

spaceghhost 1/13/2021 4:52:01 PM
I dig it, the songs are surprisingly short
BULLETHEAD 1/13/2021 4:53:15 PM
i like short songs
herpdadperp 1/13/2021 5:23:13 PM
Sick as f*ck
KlDCADAVER 1/13/2021 6:04:51 PM
the best song is almost 11 minutes
fourthgradecocktease 1/13/2021 6:10:12 PM
It was cool of them to do this, going to listen to this and new Spine together when I get a minute.
barbara 1/13/2021 6:11:19 PM
just remember that spine started before WN broke up or I'll show up and mush ur head in
river_runs_red 1/15/2021 3:08:09 AM
Was a member of this band that got that tattooer Toothtaker cancelled?
deadwithfear 1/15/2021 8:39:24 AM
I still need to listen to this. They haven't disappointed me yet.