Meat eater goats

carveyournamein 12/3/2020 8:44:22 PM
Which animal keeps you from being vegan?
nothinlefttogive 12/3/2020 8:46:31 PM
Probably pig. Cow is a close 2nd. Bacon though...& carnitas >
weirdo 12/3/2020 8:47:03 PM
great youtube channel
BULLETHEAD 12/3/2020 8:49:00 PM
probably goat
VINCE 12/3/2020 9:15:40 PM
herpdadperp 12/3/2020 9:47:35 PM
boredtodeath 12/3/2020 10:01:21 PM
Most of them.
KlDCADAVER 12/3/2020 10:16:20 PM
i think my testosterone is what keeps me from being vegan
iwilladapt 12/3/2020 11:21:59 PM

I don't eat meat. And I don't buy dairy products, but I don't scrutinize ingredients when going out, aside from avoiding meat, so I don't really consider myself vegan.
deadwithfear 12/4/2020 4:12:07 AM
I went meatless for a week once and then made a shit load of fried chicken.
weirdo 12/4/2020 9:18:42 AM
forgo de chao is where's its at
weirdo 12/4/2020 9:18:57 AM
portslob 12/4/2020 9:23:33 AM
Spaceghhost 12/4/2020 12:10:08 PM
explosions_in_this_guy 12/4/2020 2:33:58 PM

If you want to narrowly annoy people, whenever you say "Beef", quietly add a small "th" sound to the very end.

"Alright, what should we have for dinner tonight? You want chicken or beef(th)?"

Give it shot