A big problem I'm experiencing lately.

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virus_dot_exe 11/17/2020 1:02:00 PM
My coffee I put in my YETI coffee thermos tastes too much like my dishwasher detergent.
iwilladapt 11/17/2020 1:03:38 PM
Do not put yeti in dishwasher
kort 11/17/2020 1:03:55 PM
sounds like a nasty 3-way in action
barbara 11/17/2020 1:05:08 PM
thank you for supporting quality american products
barbara 11/17/2020 1:05:35 PM
nvm they're made in the phillipines and china
virus_dot_exe 11/17/2020 1:06:03 PM
my american mother in law gave it to me for christmas last year, i had never heard of it. it had a YMCA logo on it so I put a sticker overtop of that.
virus_dot_exe 11/17/2020 1:06:13 PM
oh lol
BULLETHEAD 11/17/2020 1:06:51 PM
What sticker?
amber 11/17/2020 1:07:30 PM
simon_belmonT 11/17/2020 1:07:45 PM
"Mean people suck"
virus_dot_exe 11/17/2020 1:09:58 PM
it's an illustration of some tomatos, i got some stickers from yellowbird a while back when i ordered some hot sauce from them
BULLETHEAD 11/17/2020 1:11:09 PM
ShaolinLambKiller 11/17/2020 1:13:52 PM
Noose it.
AnalButt 11/17/2020 1:24:00 PM
Yellowbird is good stuff
ShaolinLambKiller 11/17/2020 1:24:18 PM
no it's not.
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