Election predictions

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amber 10/28/2020 4:15:09 PM
Biden win. Blue wave. Loses one key rustbelt state if any, could be Wisconsin. Texas in play. Ohio North Carolina and Pennsylvania are toss-ups. Loses Florida. Wins Arizona.

Because early voting has a democratic slant, on election night and subsequent days it could seem Trump leads.

Senate flips 3-5 seats blue. 5+ means Supreme Court will be stacked. Three means dem control with vice tiebreaker.

Before some asinine nobody likes Biden post, remember this is not about him it's about the mass dislike of Trump. m
simon_belmonT 10/28/2020 4:17:10 PM
Erection predicaments>
barbara 10/28/2020 4:17:34 PM
I've filed this in the official lambgoat register, and we appreciate your thoughtful submission.
vagisilcreem 10/28/2020 5:10:41 PM
what will become of all the trumpers?
barbara 10/28/2020 5:25:17 PM
they'll go back to worshipping yeti coolers and sucking their family members genitals for recreation instead of pretending to understand anything about politics.
vagisilcreem 10/28/2020 5:26:39 PM
duncan_idaho 10/28/2020 5:33:45 PM
I dont know what a yeti cooler is but i want one
vagisilcreem 10/28/2020 5:35:35 PM
i have a yeti mug...use daily. keeps my coffee hot for seriously 6+ hours.
vagisilcreem 10/28/2020 5:36:35 PM
errr its a thermos
Rick____tocchet 10/28/2020 5:37:41 PM
Barbara sounds like a person that is still trying to figure out how many genders exist.
amber 10/28/2020 5:41:43 PM
Trump supporters will get bitter but do nothing about it. Someone like him won't be allowed in again. It will split the GOP up because it will be hard to take them seriously, and yet there will be no populist replacement with his appeal. So typical conservatives and rinos who will be seen as obsolete. The other side of the fracture will be the far right like Ann Coulter. Basically they will have to run Ben Shapiro to save the party. And he has shown interest in 2024.
amber 10/28/2020 5:42:58 PM
It's hard to take establishment GOP seriously post Trump after they supported him. They blew their legitimacy for short-term gains.
BULLETHEAD 10/28/2020 5:46:36 PM
i think there's gonna be an october surprise. a real scandal
BULLETHEAD 10/28/2020 5:46:46 PM
maybe even a sex tape
two_dick_rick 10/28/2020 5:50:28 PM
Man, i love how frantic and shrill anti trump people are. Vagi and barb are perfect examples of weirdo lowlife dudes with nothing pretending to lord over the peasants who dare disagree politically. White trash! Proud boys! Incest campsite orange jesus!

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