new track from engulfed

KlDCADAVER 10/17/2020 3:50:45 PM
pretty decent
BULLETHEAD 10/17/2020 4:13:54 PM
i'm always interested in a death metal ep
herpdadperp 10/17/2020 4:20:51 PM
i like this
conduit 10/17/2020 8:13:32 PM
Will check this out, thought the last album was pretty good and so was that Burial Invocation from a couple of years ago.
VINCE 10/17/2020 8:40:00 PM
There are so many good death metal bands rn. It's ridiculous.
KlDCADAVER 10/17/2020 8:44:42 PM
as long as they keep trying to knock off dead congregation, they can't be too bad
thetOWerofroME 10/18/2020 3:45:38 AM
Dead congregation is the f*cking best