I'm gonna open a new fast food restaurant business

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carveyournamein 9/22/2020 8:56:47 PM
It's gonna be baseball themed and called BUNters. We're gonna sell hamburgers on hamburger buns and hotdogs on hotdog buns. Might also have sticky buns for dessert.
simon_belmonT 9/22/2020 8:58:57 PM
Will you serve salad? I'm slimming down
carveyournamein 9/22/2020 9:00:39 PM
You get lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onions on your hamburger. You can also have onions and relish on your hotdog.
simon_belmonT 9/22/2020 9:01:12 PM
I'll take a liter of salad
carveyournamein 9/22/2020 9:01:30 PM
That's not how this works.
weirdo 9/22/2020 9:05:08 PM
how bout some bunion rings
carveyournamein 9/22/2020 9:06:05 PM
Every order will be served on a catchers mitt instead of a plate. Unless you order drive-thru.
carveyournamein 9/22/2020 9:08:58 PM
We'll have onion rings but they'll be called onion rings.
carveyournamein 9/22/2020 9:12:44 PM
You'll also be able to enjoy a Baby Ruth milkshake.
simon_belmonT 9/22/2020 9:16:17 PM
Your value meals could be called BUNdles
BULLETHEAD 9/22/2020 9:18:27 PM
Can I spit tobacco on the floor?
VINCE 9/22/2020 9:18:48 PM
Do you do wings?
simon_belmonT 9/22/2020 9:19:07 PM
You should serve only Sarsparilla for a beverage.
dayman 9/22/2020 9:19:19 PM
sounds dumb
BULLETHEAD 9/22/2020 9:20:14 PM
I actually have been to a baseball themed restaurant so you're probably gonna get sued
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