Post a pic of your current chill sesh.

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simon_belmonT 9/20/2020 6:37:03 PM
Come on bullethead. Let's see those legs
fourthgradecocktease 9/20/2020 6:37:08 PM
Also mesh shorts rule, but I'm referring to anything that would be "comfy clothes" as sweats.
d0t_hack 9/20/2020 6:40:04 PM
Let's see your situation Bully.
slksucksthebigone 9/20/2020 6:47:27 PM
Let's die, Stephen.
fourthgradecocktease 9/20/2020 6:49:41 PM
Awh man, I actually thought you had calmed down trind.
d0t_hack 9/20/2020 6:50:30 PM
He won't calm down because he still can't spell my name right. Retard gonna retard. I'm glad we're all chilling.
d0t_hack 9/20/2020 6:52:30 PM
Btw fourth I have epilepsy too. I recently posted about it awhile ago. You aren't alone. I haven't had a real scare or anything but a few months ago the lights def went out and I went into treatment immediately. I'm on medication and weed. I only drink beer now.
d0t_hack 9/20/2020 6:54:47 PM
I can def say it was a weird experience, my first time. No convulsions or anything of that nature but I just became stand still for a few mins and the lady freaked out and demanded I see a doctor in the morning. I was just point blank straight faced. I don't even remember it. My father was epileptic and bi polar so I'm glad I got the epileptic side.
slksucksthebigone 9/20/2020 6:56:53 PM
Have a final and fatal seizure, you pathetic bitch.
BULLETHEAD 9/20/2020 6:58:08 PM
I've barely moved from here in like 4 days
d0t_hack 9/20/2020 6:58:14 PM
Derp derp grand mal i f*ck kids and say the n word - trind

Predictable boring dork. Lol
d0t_hack 9/20/2020 6:58:46 PM
Hell yeah bully. Feel better. Your socks look crusty bro.
BULLETHEAD 9/20/2020 7:00:19 PM
Yeah they're gross
d0t_hack 9/20/2020 7:01:22 PM
-sends healthy vibes-

We made white bean chicken chili this weekend. If you were my neighbor I'd bring you some. Fix you right up.
simon_belmonT 9/20/2020 7:01:43 PM
Yo nice budge my man
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