Who's getting drunker than me tonight?

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julesitsjeni 9/12/2020 7:23:22 PM
Probably most of you.
d0t_hack 9/12/2020 7:24:16 PM
Tomorrow will actually make it a week without any booze. Not trying to not drink or anything. I've just been busy and productive.
julesitsjeni 9/12/2020 7:28:46 PM
Then I am going to be a lot drunker than you
bangbangman 9/12/2020 7:30:02 PM
I'm so f*ck up right now
XSHAT_CREWX 9/12/2020 7:32:00 PM
i am.
julesitsjeni 9/12/2020 7:32:13 PM
I didn't drink for six years, then I was like, that's enough of that.
Or not enough of that.
d0t_hack 9/12/2020 7:36:54 PM
I might now. #thanksjeni
AnalButt 9/12/2020 7:38:12 PM
I'm going to have a couple bottles of white wine. Cheers
bangbangman 9/12/2020 7:39:32 PM
Cheers to you all
wee_bastid 9/12/2020 7:39:58 PM
not me. all I've had is water. trying to keep it that way.
julesitsjeni 9/12/2020 7:41:11 PM
I'm crushing a Modelo right now
d0t_hack 9/12/2020 7:41:28 PM
Good for you wee. I'm gonna see what I've got tucked away here in this ol' fridge and put on a movie.
bangbangman 9/12/2020 7:43:57 PM
nothinlefttogive 9/12/2020 7:51:19 PM
I'm on dat local IPA. Me gusta!
d0t_hack 9/12/2020 7:59:54 PM
I've got a sixer of Tank 7, a few Mike's which are the girl's so I def wouldn't touch anyway, and half a handle of Beefeater! Woo.

About to put on Don't Answer the Phone.
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