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super_xander_is_god 8/1/2020 3:45:09 PM
The question on almost every Europeans mind (aside from what the f*ck is going on over there that a reality tv show Star was elected to be leader of the "free world") was: why are your cups an cup holders so big? Why do you need such big sodas. I told them if we don't have them we get fired for being too twiggy.
d0t_hack 8/1/2020 3:47:55 PM
They aren't ignorant for asking that question though. Even I ask myself why in the f*ck do I need a Big Gulp let alone a 12 pack of Pibb.
BULLETHEAD 8/1/2020 3:49:40 PM
I've been to europe
BULLETHEAD 8/1/2020 3:50:05 PM
Several times actually
BULLETHEAD 8/1/2020 3:50:57 PM
My travelling day's are done
d0t_hack 8/1/2020 3:51:07 PM
I lived there when I was too little to remember it. My Dad was stationed in Grafenwhor.
super_xander_is_god 8/1/2020 3:52:48 PM
Nah they were cool and conversation amongst almost everyone was really non judgmental and everyone seemed to learn something new, culturally, every day. The French were a little... meh... idk, but just a few of them.

Like sometimes, the Germans especially would start joking a lot about Trump. I don't think we had any hardcore supporters there, but one guy who came from Ohio (another of the early leavers, he was nice enough but basically acted scared and in a constant state of culture shock and wouldn't even try to learn Spanish, instead asking others to always ask for stuff for him, eh, I mean, it is what it is, nice enough guy) but I think his politics ran that way.. this one young German dude was really awesome, he'd always start saying stuff like "Yah, but you know, we would vote for Hasselhoff", which would get a chorus of "oh, Hasselhoff! But why did he eat those cheeseburgers like that?""I know, I love him"

So if you've ever heard Germans, ironically or wholeheartedly , love Hasselhoff: yes.
super_xander_is_god 8/1/2020 3:53:56 PM
BULLETHEAD 8/1/2020 3:49:40 PM
I've been to europe
BULLETHEAD 8/1/2020 3:50:05 PM
Several times actually

What countries? I see you going to Spain.
d0t_hack 8/1/2020 3:56:25 PM
Lol what in the f*ck
super_xander_is_god 8/1/2020 3:59:51 PM
The Germans were actually pretty cool. Bilingual, really open in conversation without imposing an inflection or tone of any superior understanding on any matters (I doubt this represents the entire nation, but basically every German I met there), they were all hard working and would always invite anyone and everyone if they went to the beer store, out to the beach for The Weekend, all that. They also had a f*cking awesome drinking game. We played it on base until they told us it violated the orgs practices, so we did it in a big vacant lot and the locals came and cheered lol.
BULLETHEAD 8/1/2020 4:11:46 PM
Did you do any ayahuasca though?
super_xander_is_god 8/1/2020 4:16:14 PM
No and that is the part that actually makes me sad about not being able to go back. The young scholar who was from one of the local cities had mentioned this to me a few times. I did drink coca tea. Pretty good stuff, mate. Proper stuff.

He mentioned if I come back that in the forests he knew some Shamans, and had done it. This guy was really cool actually. I really consider moving there if things change. Either there, or I found after 34 years on this planet that my birth parents both qualify me for Irish Citizenship (mother first gen, grandpa was from Cavan) father from Belfast but had been born in the far flung east side of county donegal and then migrated right around the start of the troubles. Big time brain decision times coming.
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