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super_xander_is_god 8/1/2020 10:15:02 AM
Anyone try this brand yet?
BULLETHEAD 8/1/2020 10:35:13 AM
I don't need a soft shirt. I'm not a baby
super_xander_is_god 8/1/2020 10:42:01 AM
It's not strictly about being soft. There's a shirt that has some shit like mint fibers sewn into it so it works as a natural cooling agent in hot climates.

*tux and sunglasses*
super_xander_is_god 8/1/2020 10:48:03 AM
I need to find a good brand of canvas work slacks. Dickies and Carharts in the desert were f*cking awful. I had diarrhea for a few days too, so it was like muddy swamp.
d0t_hack 8/1/2020 10:49:02 AM
Lol gross
BULLETHEAD 8/1/2020 10:56:35 AM
I need constant chafing to feel alive
super_xander_is_god 8/1/2020 10:59:31 AM
All the Euros and UK people were, clothing wise, much better prepared than all but two Americans down there. My friend I met on base had only brought work boots (for a two week stay lol) so I gave him my favorite pair of Sketcher slip on loafers. Them, and like 3/4 of the clothing I brought with me (which was like 90% of my clothes that aren't for business things or etc dress up) are probably still on a shelving unit I made out of bamboo in some open air compound in a desert in a foreign nation. I think the Euros grabbed the two pairs of Dickie and two pairs of Levi's that I brought that were brand new or worn once or twice (I started only wearing basketball shorts and swim trunks after 6 days).

Now I need new, multi purpose, clothing. Modern problems modern solushunz.
super_xander_is_god 8/1/2020 11:08:48 AM
There were also about five Americans, all from the middle of the country, who came and were like "omg me travel all time", and left two days later lol. One guy was this TOUGHDUDE from Texas. He had a barb wire wrapped hard hat (it was pretty cool, I can't hate on that, also, Siri add to cart barbwire hard hat).... he left after 1 day on site. Meanwhile, this cute little British girl who was wearing brand new Tommy khakis worked the site 5 days a week and stayed for 2 months lmao.

In all of this, do not forget, Trind has the same opportunities all the Euros have, but he logs into lambgoat and posts the N word.

Also, still need halp plz, does Truant still Post here?
d0t_hack 8/1/2020 11:11:50 AM
Lol @ a barbed wire wrapped hard hat
super_xander_is_god 8/1/2020 11:18:39 AM
I left a Iron Maiden shirt down there. When I first got in town, I walked around the Barrio to see where I could buy beer and cigarettes. I walked past a barbershop before realizing I was entering the farm buildings (these were guarded by packs of dogs, and one dude got bit lol) I turned around and when I came back, this dude was standing at the entrance, nodding his head and blasting Linkin Park.
super_xander_is_god 8/1/2020 12:06:05 PM
Maybe Buttercloth will make me a Mint Fiber woven Cooling Shirt, with a Motörhead logo, then I can send Bullhead pics of me T posing on him.
BULLETHEAD 8/1/2020 12:10:18 PM
I can never understand what you're saying but that's probably my fault
BULLETHEAD 8/1/2020 12:17:08 PM
You were working construction in the desert?
super_xander_is_god 8/1/2020 12:18:19 PM
I'm gonna send you pictures of me in a band shirt that you would like,but it would be a baby shirt, so I am going to gloat about it by sending you pictures of me doing one of the new versions of "dabbing" (T-Pose or Christ Posing). That was the only point of that post.
super_xander_is_god 8/1/2020 12:19:50 PM
Yes. Not paid work, however.
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