xander once again DMed me

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kort 4/16/2021 8:13:33 PM
dayman 4/16/2021 8:15:10 PM
mindtraveler 4/16/2021 8:17:26 PM
heck yeah nothing sexier than a mentally ill man pretending to be a woman who underwent a mental breakdown heh
kort 4/16/2021 8:30:59 PM
lol every couple months people here decide im a new person (was it beansthis time?), but yes im f*ckIN CRAAAZYYYY
mindtraveler 4/16/2021 8:39:55 PM
You're a shit poster who never fit in, made 30+ gimmicks, and post your real thoughts using them. Basically.
kort 4/16/2021 9:53:58 PM
trenchcoat_fvckk_mafia got opinions, YOU HEAR!!?!?
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