NHL might be coming back soon, fellas.

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virus_dot_exe 5/22/2020 5:17:25 PM
oh hell yeah
virus_dot_exe 5/22/2020 5:18:36 PM
even the Bobfather says it's comin back soon
BULLETHEAD 5/22/2020 5:28:12 PM
What about baseball though?
simon_belmonT 5/22/2020 5:29:17 PM
It's warm out. No one wants hockey now
BULLETHEAD 5/22/2020 5:31:35 PM
No one wants hockey ever
simon_belmonT 5/22/2020 5:32:01 PM
That's true but I didn't want to make him cry
BULLETHEAD 5/22/2020 5:33:34 PM
You can't even tell what happening they're zipping around so fast out there
virus_dot_exe 5/22/2020 5:33:47 PM
too late :'(
BULLETHEAD 5/22/2020 5:33:50 PM
Slow it the f*ck down
AnalButt 5/22/2020 5:39:57 PM
I still don't understand what "offsides" is.
virus_dot_exe 5/22/2020 5:48:31 PM
it's so players don't cherry pick and park a player in front of the opposing teams net.
if the player crosses the line into the offensive zone before the puck gets there, it immediately invalidates the play.
AnalButt 5/22/2020 5:55:26 PM
That would be pretty cool though. But I get why it's a rule
BULLETHEAD 5/22/2020 6:00:44 PM
What is icing?
portslob 5/22/2020 6:02:37 PM
Never gonna happen without a vaccine
BULLETHEAD 5/22/2020 6:03:59 PM
Theres not gonna be no vaccine dummy. It's like the common cold
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