does coronavirus prove that global warming is fake

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zordy 4/9/2020 5:21:21 PM
zordy 4/9/2020 5:22:36 PM
theyve been saying for like 30 years that we are facing an impending catclysmic event caused by global warming and nobody did shit

a virus that is definitely real shows up and they shut down f*kkn society

does that prove that they knew global warming wasnt actually going to kill us?
zordy 4/9/2020 5:23:26 PM
this proves that if global warming was literally real and we were all going to die in like 10 year or something, they could have pivoted the entire earths culture all at once and tried to save the planet but they didnt ever even try
zordy 4/9/2020 5:23:56 PM
they did it for coronavirus tho because COVID-19 is real
zordy 4/9/2020 5:28:50 PM
i can literally bend spoons with my mind like yuri gellar its not even that hard once you know the trick
VINCE 4/9/2020 5:30:01 PM
David Icke say it was a planned event.
zordy 4/9/2020 5:32:19 PM
of course it was planned, they plan everything literally like 60 years in advance
zordy 4/9/2020 5:33:18 PM
i have several of david ickes books and ive watched like all of his 9 hour long seminars, i know everything he is about, even back when he was a soccer player
zordy 4/9/2020 5:35:22 PM
i havent watched his latest interview with london real mainly because its like 2 hours long and i feel like i already know everything he is going to say
Jon 4/9/2020 5:40:49 PM
I have often thought that this was just a way to slow down global warming.
Jon 4/9/2020 5:42:35 PM
Ickes also believes in a reptilian race mimicking as humans to gain control.
zordy 4/9/2020 5:43:25 PM
hes right
zordy 4/9/2020 5:44:27 PM
they are from another dimension and they use demonic possession to take over certain people as vessels that are part of an ancient bloodline that has worships the reptilians
zordy 4/9/2020 5:46:16 PM
its sort of like when a scientist is working with dangerous chemicals or something, he will put the shit in a box and then stick his hands in through some holes that have gloves that protect him, thats sort of like what the reptilians do but the box is out reality and the gloves are human beings that they possess
zordy 4/9/2020 5:46:32 PM
the box is our*
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