i found the true meaning of COVFEFE

zordy 3/25/2020 11:14:14 PM
im fckin scared now i figured out whats going on for real ok trust me you dont want to know
zordy 3/25/2020 11:16:24 PM
you should have some ice cream and maybe listen to your favorite song
zordy 3/25/2020 11:20:30 PM
trump wanted to tell us the truth
KlDCADAVER 3/25/2020 11:23:15 PM
i made this same thread last weekend. i am your messiah.
zordy 3/25/2020 11:25:08 PM
COV is the fake news, FEFE is the real news
KlDCADAVER 3/25/2020 11:27:08 PM
zordy 3/25/2020 11:28:15 PM
haha adrenchrome wow i wish it was that simple, youre like a little baby
zordy 3/25/2020 11:31:30 PM
i can see why they would lie about this tho, i mean if FEFE doesnt happen then we can just say humanity came together and defeated COV, but if FEFE does happen, then it doesnt really matter what they said
zordy 3/25/2020 11:35:54 PM
the toilet paper selling out is an encrypted illuminati message ok and the message is you are about to shit yourself