COVID conspiracy theory im working on

zordy 3/25/2020 10:27:13 PM
what if that shit actually originated in the US and has been killing the fukk out of us for years and it just now got to CHINA and they are actually the ones going 'WHAT THE FUKK???' right now??? basically the exact scenario you are being sold but reverse china and the US
zordy 3/25/2020 10:28:59 PM
like here in the US if somebody drops dead from some mysterious illness the doctors are just like 'aww shit well at least it wasnt me, nothin i could do', but in CHINA they are much more on top of identifying diseases since they always get blamed for it so maybe the US had it for a long time and we just didnt figure out
zordy 3/25/2020 10:29:37 PM
i swear to god i had this COVID shit back in like 2018 ok, it was word for word what they are saying on the symptoms, i couldnt breath and shit and now i know why its because i was patient zero
zordy 3/25/2020 10:31:17 PM
im spitballing here but i forsure had COVID19 in 18
zordy 3/25/2020 10:33:23 PM
my chinese sources are telling me this shit is a leaked bio-weapon because genetically its a BRANCH of the coronavirus but not actually a SEED ok it has something to do with the way viruses grow, this virus came from a lab ok