New As Friends Rust!

godfreyj0nes 3/23/2020 11:59:08 AM
For real this time
BULLETHeaD 3/23/2020 12:00:07 PM
godfreyj0nes 3/23/2020 12:03:18 PM
It's not their best, but I'm glad we finally have new music
BULLETHeaD 3/23/2020 12:05:33 PM
Yeah cuz there's a real dearth of new music out there. Finally some new music. Thank the lord
godfreyj0nes 3/23/2020 12:07:14 PM
simon_belmonT 3/23/2020 12:08:01 PM
Not bad. Not great. Picks up where Won left off I guess. At least it's louder than the last EP
BULLETHeaD 3/23/2020 12:08:13 PM
I was being sarcastic