covid-19 has to be a bio-weapon

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zordy 3/20/2020 4:01:24 PM
im pretty sure
XSHAT_CREWX 3/20/2020 4:03:39 PM
it's 5G man
zordy 3/20/2020 4:04:58 PM
i think the US military released it on china in october 2019

it was intended to kill a bunch of chinese people mainly, they knew it would also kill a bunch of elderly people worldwide but they thought it would be worth it to kill the chinese

well out of 1.3 billion people, the chinese basically through complete luck was able to find one of the people infected like 2 weeks into november, and figured out it was a bio-weapon almost immedialty

they shut everything the f*k down right away, used advanced thermo-scan cctv technology to take peoples temperature in the crowd, basically eradicated that f*kkn disease really quick, much quicker than the US military anticipated

since they were able to stop the chinese deaths, now the US realizes the elderly people dying thing is still going to happen so now they have to react to stop it because they are going to feel dumb as shit if a virus they released kills more of their own people than of their intended target
XSHAT_CREWX 3/20/2020 4:05:43 PM
Theyve been tracking our habits and behaviour through our phones for enough time now, Judgement Day has come, I hope for your sake you never checked in at a casino or a strip club
zordy 3/20/2020 4:06:11 PM
they released it at this event, notice the event location
zordy 3/20/2020 4:08:20 PM
military world games happen in WUHAN, end of october
oh shit, a mysterious pangolin-bird-bat-ewe-huma n hybrid disease has cropped up a week later and made the species jump to human and people are dying damn what a cawinkydink
zordy 3/20/2020 4:09:09 PM
the chinese know this shit is a bio-weapon and now who knows what they are going to do back to america, they are probably about to release their robot armies on us
zordy 3/20/2020 4:10:00 PM
US government is in panic mode because they know they fkked up big time, YUGELY
zordy 3/20/2020 4:12:01 PM
like a historic f*kk up, a f*kk up heard through the ages
two_dick_rick 3/20/2020 4:18:01 PM
I love conspiracy theories where the end result is petty and completely off point.

Yeah we wanna kill all the chinese peoples! Why? Cuz...! Commanizms and foxconnx winnie the pooh! Kill em all!

two_dick_rick 3/20/2020 4:18:57 PM
Srs. What would be the point of civilian attrition in a country where they treat civilians like disposable garbage
zordy 3/20/2020 4:19:54 PM
do you want to keep being #1 or not?
XSHAT_CREWX 3/20/2020 4:20:02 PM
the Chinese spies are in Atlanta as we speak going peepee in all the coke whilst infected with an even deadlier virus
bulletsofdusk 3/20/2020 4:21:07 PM
The whole thing started when celine got disbarred.
zordy 3/20/2020 4:21:14 PM
there is going to be a war between china and the US at some point its basically inevitable but a virus in theory could f*kk them up pretty bad, make it where they look like outcasts/diseased freaks to the world, cut them off, then we keep being #1 with plausible deniability
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